A Cut Above - Royal Hotel Paddington


The best thing about ‘pub grub,’ is not so much the food, but the feeling you get when you eat the food. It’s all about the nostalgia. It reminds you of being young…days with your family at the ‘local’ sharing a meal…the large portions…the familiar interiors…the predictability of comfort food. However, as we grow, travel, taste and experience what the world has to offer we naturally want more. Although we may yearn for the nostalgia of a pub meal, we inherently know that eating the deep fried chips and questionable ‘schnitty,’ in a room with old patterned carpet is not always going to cut it.

Enter, Royal Hotel Paddington! It is setting a new standard for pub food, offering that little touch of nostalgia with all the finesse of a fine dining experience. It’s easy to say, that this ‘pub grub,’ is definitely a cut above the rest! The Hotel itself has been beautifully renovated, boasting the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor dining areas. You can sip Prosecco in The Royal Bar, dine and relax on The Verandah or sneak a peek of Sydney Harbour from the Elephant Bar and Rooftop.


As for the food…

There are still the beloved favourites, chicken schnitzel, burgers and pasta, but they have their own unique twist. Think-waffle fries instead of regular fat fries with your Wagyu Beef burger, delectable blue cheese with your pasta, or a side of carrots flavoured with sherry caramel! There are also selections for those opting to move away from the classics. Imagine-pork belly, atlantic salmon or sashimi salad. Or if you want something easy, there is a wide range of specials. The Salad and Wine Deal from Monday to Friday will keep you satisfied during the week, while the Lamb Shoulder (with all the trimmings) is the perfect meal on a Sunday.

No matter what you choose, be prepared for an experience that is truly a cut above!