8 things never to do on your first day on the job


It’s your first day at your new job and you’re excited to get started, meet your new colleagues and get this whole ‘adulting’ thing down pat. While you may have fudged your Excel skills slightly to get the job, it’s yours now and no one can take it away... unless you commit a massive work faux pas and get fired.

Here are 8 things NOT to do on your first day.

Don’t park in your bosses spot

It’s a pretty safe bet that the parking spot closest to the office belongs to the boss. DO NOT park there, even if it’s the only space available! Park a few spaces down and stay within the lines – you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot by parking obnoxiously on your first day.

Don’t be late

In fact, you should aim to be early on your first day; if you’re on time then you’re already late. Triple check your alarm the night before and set it for at least twenty minutes before you think you need to wake up, just to be safe! If you can, try and do a test drive in weekday traffic so you know exactly how long it takes to get there and what time you need to leave the house. If you’re catching public transport, try and catch an earlier bus or train to allow for any delays. There’s nothing more stressful than being late on your first day!

Don’t eat someone else’s lunch

That slice of cake in the fridge might look pretty tempting, but eating it is probably the biggest work faux pas you could make. So you forgot to pack your own lunch and the café down the street is way overpriced – suck it up princess! Nothing ticks people off more than having someone else eat their lunch. It’s just rude and a sure-fire way to make enemies.


Don’t check your phone

You should probably switch it on silent too and keep it in your bag so you won’t be tempted to check it every five minutes. Even if your new workplace is super chill and you notice everyone else checking their phones, it pays to be professional on your first day.

Don’t wear a risky outfit

If you’re unsure what the dress code is, email your boss before your first day and ask. Otherwise, it’s usually safe to fall on the more formal professional side and your outfit should always be clean, modest and sophisticated.


Don’t get caught up in office gossip

You probably shouldn’t ever do this anyway but try and refrain from doing so when you’re still a newbie. Keep your ears open, after all you may learn some valuable information (such as the reason your boss is in such a terrible mood is because of relationship problems and has nothing to do with you) but you shouldn’t contribute anything to the conversation.

Don’t spend half the day decorating your desk

You’re moving into an office, not an apartment so don’t spend all day making it look pretty. Being overly concerned with how your workspace looks just shows your boss that your focus is in the wrong place. There’ll be plenty of time to arrange vases of peonies and lay out your cute stationary later.

Don’t leave at 5pm on the dot

If you want to make a really great first impression, don’t hightail it out of the building as soon as the clock strikes five. Hang back, tidy your workspace, finish up any paperwork and write down some notes for what you need to do tomorrow.



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