7 Things to change when you're stuck in a rut

7 Things You Can Do To Change Your Life When You Feel Stuck In A Rut

Ever since I graduated university last year and have been on the hunt for a graduate job, I've felt my motivation and drive gradually slipping away.

With a seemingly endless stream of job rejections, week in and week out of the same routine with no progression and a sense of being stuck in my very own Groundhog Day, it's no wonder I feel stuck in a rut right now.

Thankfully, I'm not the only one. Almost everyone has, at some stage in their lives felt stuck with no idea what to do to change things.

So while I'm still working on making changes in my life, here are a few ways to help you (and me!) feel empowered to free yourself from feeling stuck in your own life.

Don't compare yourself to others

We're all guilty of doing it but constantly comparing yourself to other people only stops you from moving forward. Whenever I'm feeling particularly down about where I'm at in my life, I have a tendency to Facebook stalk people I went to school or uni with to see what they're up to and it only makes me feel bad about myself. Your journey is yours and yours alone.

Stop complaining

If you're always complaining and placing the blame on everyone else, you won't achieve anything because you've allowed yourself to become complacent. When you complain to others, you're subconsciously seeking empathy from them to validate your emotions which usually prevents you from making any changes. Instead, try and use that energy to propel you forward to make the change to go after what you want.

Don't make excuses

It's so easy to blame factors you think are outside your control (like struggling to land a graduate job) for making you feel the way you do, but you can't make any changes unless you choose to be completely honest with yourself.

So ask yourself the hard questions and be vulnerable in your answers. While it can be hard to face your current reality (trust me I know!) you need to figure out what you do and don't like so you know where to go from here.

Switch up your routine

Sometimes feeling like you're stuck in a rut can be the result of mundane, restraining routines. Routines can be really helpful but they can also limit your progress if you're trying to move forward in life. Do something new every day, avoid time-wasting or mindless routines and break up your agenda with something exciting or unknown.

7 Things You Can Do To Change Your Life When You Feel Stuck In A Rut

Remember that you're in control

When you feel like your life is stuck on pause, it's so easy to forget that you still have the ability to change things. Sometimes I feel like the world is determining my path for me and that I have no say or control over certain things like when I'll get a graduate job and be able to move out. At the end of the day though, I'm the only person standing in my way and only I can change things.

Keep looking forward

Sometimes it's just easier to live in the past or in denial and pretend everything's fine because you don't want to deal with the present. But it you want to move forward you just have to face up to your current situation and push forward. Find solutions, ditch your routine and try new things. It won't always be easy but the more you push yourself forward, the better you'll feel.

Be kind to yourself

Sometimes the only thing that comforts me is knowing that almost everyone has felt stuck at some point in their lives. Its normal to feel stuck in a rut every now and then so don't beat yourself up too much. Feeling helpless, doubting yourself and engaging in negative self-talk will hold you back from making any changes.


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