Life hacks: 7 habits of all punctual women

Because being “always the late girl” is only cute in rom-coms.

Take it from someone who knows: the people in your life will no longer find your “I’m gonna be late, like always! OOPS xx” texts funny and endearing after the first dozen times. Wouldn’t you much rather be known for your punctuality than your lack of it? If you’re chronically late, there’s no time like the present to start adopting these seven habits shared by all punctual women.

Plan your outfits in advance

Early breakfast meeting? Drinks with the girls after Pilates? If you have limited time to get ready, plan what you’ll wear ahead of time so when you only have twenty minutes between getting home from the office and heading out to dinner, you don’t waste time trying on half your wardrobe. Before bed every night, select your outfit and lay it out, accessories and all. You’ll save time in the morning and you won’t lie awake stressing over what to wear.

Prep during down time

Use your weekends, days off and quiet nights in to prep for the work week and social engagements. Ensure all your clothes are clean, dry and ironed if necessary so that when you’re in a rush, you don’t waste precious minutes doing a hurried and dodgy ironing job.


Give yourself more than enough time

It’s said that those of us who are punctually challenged are more optimistic – we think we have more time than we do, or we underestimate how long something will take. If you have a 20-minute drive ahead of you, leave half an hour before you need to be there (or even earlier if it’s peak hour). If straightening your hair takes half an hour, don’t start ten minutes before you have to leave or you’ll be sporting a half-straightened look.

Map out your journeys

This is similar to giving yourself enough time. To avoid being late, use a maps app to plan the fastest route or method of transport. There are even apps that tell you in real-time what the traffic is like! Soon, your “traffic was horrible” excuses will be a thing of the past.


Go to bed earlier

If you know you aren’t a morning person, or it takes you twenty minutes of showering and inhaling coffee to de-zombify, give yourself that extra time in the morning by going to bed earlier at night. You can’t improve punctuality by going to bed as late as always and getting up earlier – you’ll just be tired and stressed after accidentally sleeping in!

Meal prep

This is an awesome way to cut back on cooking time throughout the week, for convenience as well as punctuality. Cook up a big batch of one or two of your favourite meals on a Sunday afternoon, freeze or refrigerate portions, and take them out to reheat as needed. You can do this for breakfasts and lunches to free up time in the mornings – just grab and go!

Perfect the art of scheduling

Put that shiny new 2017 diary to good use and schedule every aspect of your life! If you jot down everything from meetings to appointments to drinks with friends, you’ll not only reduce the risk of forgetting something important, you’ll also learn to schedule things with enough time between them to reduce the risk of an overlap.

It’s not too late to make another New Year’s resolution, ladies! Decide to leave the chronically late you in the past and become the punctual woman you know you can be!


Hanna Sloan is studying a Creative and Professional Writing degree at QUT. She grew up wanting to be either a writer or a professional dancer, or both. Nothing has changed. She is passionate about performance, fashion, and social progress, and is a confirmed #NastyWoman. Hanna is the proud curator of a shoe collection surpassing sixty pairs, and always thought Andie Anderson in 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' was crazy for not wanting to write about shoes for a living. In her spare time Hanna can be found devouring a book or magazine, watching 'Friends' or asking her parents for Snapchats of the family’s two beagles.