6 ways you can easily make money from your own home

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Do you have a 9-5 job yet still find yourself living pay cheque to pay cheque? Whether you’re working full time, part time or freelancing, it’s never a bad idea to consider additional income streams. Thanks to the internet and the rise of the sharing economy, it’s never been easier to boost your bank account. Here are 6 ways to make an extra dollar online without having to leave the house.

Sell items online

Are you scared to reveal how high your wardrobe turnover rate is? If you have piles of unworn or unwanted clothing, don’t let it go to waste! Sell them online via Ebay, an app or even through your social media networks. Set aside one day to take good photos of all the clothes you’re planning to sell and include as much detail as possible in your listing. If you’ve got crafty fingers and specialise in hand-made cards, stationary or jewellery, why not set up a virtual shop on Etsy and sell your creations? A little creativity and effort can go a long way in generating some extra cash.

Type Away

If you’re a skilled writer, editor or have good communication skills, put them to good use by taking on freelance copy writing jobs. There are many businesses out there looking for people to help with content creation including website content, articles, guest blog posts, social media content and email newsletters. If you specialise in a specific industry and can contribute expertise on niche topics, whether it’s in health and fitness, technology or finance, indicate this in your portfolio and freelance resume as a key selling point. Leverage your networks to get the word out and the opportunities will come flowing.

Test Websites

In the digital age we live in today, a website can make or break a business. As a result, it’s now very common for organisations to hire user testing contractors and agencies, to consistently monitor and improve a company’s website and overall browsing experience. This is where you can come in and benefit. Sign up to user testing platforms and get compensated for road testing new websites, mobile apps and prototypes. You’ll be providing genuine value to a business while getting paid for your honest opinion and thoughts.

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Fill Out Surveys

Did you know that there is a lot of money to be made by filling out online surveys? Similar to testing websites, businesses are continuously striving to understand their customers – whether it’s their behaviour, attitudes or preferences. Look into different survey companies and opt for the ones that are relevant to you as a demographic, and then start sharing your thoughts. The compensation packages can vary between cash payments and gift vouchers.

Sell Your Skills

The rise of the sharing economy has facilitated a host of online community marketplaces. One example is Airtasker, where you can browse and pick jobs that suit your expertise and schedule. For example, if you have a creative background, accept tasks like designing logos, brochures, business cards and websites. Alternatively, you can also act as someone’s virtual assistant and lend a helping hand with IT or admin tasks. Essentially, you can choose to take on as little or as many jobs you want, and even complete them in the comfort of your PJ’s at home.

Establish A Personal Brand and Start Blogging

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If you have an interest in a specific topic, why not start a blog? The blogging sphere is very saturated these days, which means in order for you to achieve success and monetise from it, you need patience, commitment and perseverance. Blog on a topic you’re genuinely passionate about and make sure your content is unique and valuable. Once you’ve accumulated a healthy following, you can make money from blogging through advertising with companies like Google AdSense, or through affiliate networks. You can also create your own products, like downloadable e-books, e-zines and guides.

Words: Jennifer Liu