50 Shades Of Chocolate

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Not only does chocolate taste wonderful, it has a sleek velvety texture and is laced with loads of feel good ingredients and even some of nature's most powerful aphrodisiacs. Try it out yourself – snap a piece of good quality chocolate off a bar, place it on your tongue and then lie back and enjoy it as it melts in your mouth – heaven!

Are all 63 recipes your very own?

All the recipes I've used are my own – all tried and tested (several times in some cases!) Some have been adapted by me from other chocolatiers over time, but most are the results of extensive experimentation. I'm a massive foodie so whenever I travel to new cities or countries my first priority is to visit restaurants, food stalls and markets.


Which recipe is your favourite?

I have two favourite recipes at the moment. The first is the OMG Edible Chocolate Massage Oil (page 41) – not only is it great to give (or receive) a massage from this amazing oil, it is also really good for your skin.

On the other end of the scale, my other favourite recipe is probably my Saucy Chocolate Pudding (page 95). They are so easy to make, yet have a yummy 'wow' factor. I make them with my 9-year-old daughter and the whole family loves them served with a berry ice cream. Yum!

Who is your target market?

The book is aimed at anybody who loves chocolate and sensuality. Not always in that order! It's about guiltless fun, and guiltless fun should be there for anyone from 18 to 118 (and possibly older?!)

How has the Book been received thus far?

I have heard nothing but positive comments about the book. People love the recipes and the pictures. It's a good recipe book with a difference, and there aren't many of those in the marketplace. Plus it's a great talking-point!

What is your ultimate goal with 50 Shades of Chocolate?

50 Shades Of Chocolate is my first recipe book. It's unfortunately too racy for our Canadian distributors, but I'm hoping to launch into America soon and the US market will be more broad-minded! I'm really pleased just to be able to share all that I've learned, not just the recipes but all the other things you can actually do with chocolate!

50 Shades of Chocolate is available in Newsagents nationally. RRP: $14.95.

Visit: www.50shadesofchocoalte.com.au.