5 Tips on Purchasing Your First Piece of Art

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Juliet Rosser Says:

  1. Understand yourself...art in your home is an expression of you, it is an individual statement and relationship. Do your research, start looking everywhere to see what you like, what you are naturally drawn to. Start snapping images from magazines, in galleries (make sure you ask first) and pull together a sense of 'what'.
  2. Go with your heart, sometimes we just fall in love with a piece which defies explanation, it just speaks to us. If this happens then do everything you can to purchase it, because when you have that strong a reaction to a work of art, it will still resonate with you years afterwards.
  3. See it in person, buying art through a computer screen is a part of the future but I think it is essential to see a work of art with your own eyes. Once you know an artists style and the quality of their work you can purchase online, but never buy your first piece through a website – art is to be experienced through your senses, not pixels.
  4. Don't be dictated by trends. Art is an expression of human emotion, an idea and should not be purchased because of this month's interior colour trend. Art should be purchased from the heart not fashion. Fashion dies, but art lives forever, when you love a piece of art it will make your home sing.
  5. Start with art – when decorating or renovating your home, try and start with the art, build your home around the art, rather than try and slot an artwork in to fit with your sofa. If you start with pieces you love then everything else will fit seamlessly around the artworks.

5 Tips on Purchasing Your First Piece of Art

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