5 out of the ordinary things to do this weekend

Our favourite, unique activities to spice up your weekend. 

Our favourite, unique activities to spice up your weekend.

Are you sick of the same old weekend routine? Collapsing after work on a Friday, hitting the clubs on a Saturday and sleeping in on a Sunday...It gets old pretty quickly! So this weekend, instead of sitting around complaining on a Monday morning, step out of the box and try one of our top picks for an interesting and memorable weekend activity.

Road trip to Mount Tambourine

Whether you plan on staying the night or just visiting for the day, the drive up to Mount Tambourine is well worth your while. Just over an hour out of the city, this little piece of paradise is Brisbane's best kept secret. Experience everything from a dip in the rock pools to a tasting at a winery. Take the trip up to Tambourine for a weekend you wont forget.

Sunset picnic at New Farm Park

As cheesy as it might sound, a picnic in the park is a truly lovely way to spend an afternoon. Pack a basket filled with your favourite treats or grab a coffee (or bottle of wine) from a nearby cafe or bar and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

Look out from Mt Cootha

Jump in the car, grab some snacks and park yourselves at the peak. Roll down the windows and enjoy the beauty of Brisbane by night, preferably with the company of someone special.

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Strawberry picking in Pimpama

Just a slight detour off the Gold Coast Highway, The Strawberry Farm is a must do for every Brisbanite. Pat the cutest little farm friends you've ever seen and enjoy one of their world famous, fresh strawberry icecreams. Think that sounds good? It gets better! Roam the fields and hand select your very own berries. Not only is this super fun, but you'll never be faced with a squishy strawberry again!

Absail at Kangaroo Point

This one's for all you adventure junkies out there. Forget all your work worries and literally jump off a cliff at Kangaroo Point (safely of course). You can climb up from the bottom and then scale down from the top – talk about a work out.

So, instead of facing the Sunday night blues, make the most of your weekend and try something new! Your camera roll (and your liver) will thank you!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis