42 Rumoured Christmas office party confessions

We've recently had an influx of shocking and hilariously embarrassing office party confessions hit our Fashion Weekly inbox. Some left us rolling around in laughter and while others left us cringing from the awkwardness. All in all, they were so entertaining that we had to share it with you.

We've recently had an influx of shocking and hilariously embarrassing office party confessions hit our Fashion Weekly inbox. Some left us rolling around in laughter and while others left us cringing from the awkwardness. All in all, they were so entertaining that we had to share it with you.

1. "I used to get drunk on only 2 glasses of wine. I did a dance on a desk and fell off flashing my nickers."

2. "The most embarrassing would be the time I feel face first into the cake!"

3. "My colleague and bestfriend got so drunk they went up to my boss and told him what they really thought of him!"

4. "I got drunk and started removing all the men's ties."

5. "A colleague was serving fancy-looking ginger bread at our office Christmas party. Turns out they were actually doggy biscuits instead!"

6. "I was wearing a halter-neck top. I had too many champagne's and didn't notice when it slipped undone. Ages later someone said your boobs are out."

7. "Turned up in fancy dress, it wasn't fancy dress."

8. "A colleague proposed to his girlfriend of eight years - she ran off crying and they broke up that night."

9. "My colleague was trying to show me how they could do a high kick. Was wearing a dress and fell over and fractured their arm."

10. "Did the Gangnam Style dance... when it wasn't even the Gangnam Style song."


11. "Colleague came of the toilet with a trail of toilet paper hanging out of her skirt - sounds mean, but we did laugh."

12. "My colleague drank so much and told her boss she was a pile of sh*t."

13. "I got a little drunk and spent the night telling my boss all the things that he was doing wrong in the management of our team."

14. "Got drunk and drew on my face with our surgical marker - then proceeded to draw on everyone else's face. Not so fun the next day!"

15. "I did some dirty dancing with some colleagues. It was dirty and the pics were embarrassing."

16. "I got hideously drunk, threw up in the bathroom and walked smack bang into my work crush. After saying hi I realised I had pieces of sick in my teeth."

17. "I was caught in the toilets with a married man."

18. "Being drunkenly brave I joined the dance party, tripped in my heels, grabbed the decorations for support and brought them all down with me."

19. "A friend lifted up her top to show off her breasts and said: Small but firm for someone my age."

20. "At an office Christmas party, my hand hit the bottom of a beer bottle, just as a colleague put it to her lips, causing her to hit herself with it. After she cleaned up the spilled beer on her clothes, she said she was OK, but I noticed her front tooth had broken from the bottle hitting her face. It wasn't completely knocked out, but it was chipped well enough to be unmistakable."

21. "At my first job out of uni, I replaced a gal who had moved on to a new role. However, she was still friends with numerous current employees and was invited to our party as a guest. I went to grab something from my jacket in the coat room and found her on her knees, giving a bartender a bl*wj*b. In my drunken state, I left and then informed several people and they were literally caught in the act by the CEO and sales manager."

22. "At an office Christmas party, I told my colleagues while being heavily drunk, that I preferred the company of my cats at home to those I worked with, as my cats were much more interesting and intelligent. My relationships with my colleagues suffered as a result and I later handed in my notice."

23. "At an office Christmas party, I once attempted to do the worm dance while surrounded by my colleagues on the dance floor, but I got a little too excited doing the move and I accidentally kicked a female colleague in the face, breaking her nose."

24. "I had decided after very heavily drinking, that my office Christmas party would be the best place to tell my boss I was worth at least 5 times my salary and that my boss had until the end of the month to give me a rise. Instead of a rise, I was later demoted."

25. "While very heavily drunk at an office Christmas party, I lectured a colleague from another department about the effects of drinking whilst pregnant and scorned her for doing so, only to be informed that she wasn't actually pregnant, but was slightly overweight."


26. "At an office Christmas party, after I had several drinks, all I wanted to do was play strip-poker and I unsuccessfully tried convincing my female boss to get everyone involved. Then I went to the trouble of stripping down to my underwear to try and encourage everyone to join me. I received a verbal warning the next week."

27. "My workplace is predominantly female and I'm normally a pretty meek, quiet guy, but after getting heavily drunk, I started slapping women's bums and making creepy comments to all the women, plus I tried giving my manager a sensual back massage while dribbling wine all down myself."

28. "I was in a new job for 2 months and went to my first Christmas party where I was strutting my stuff on the dance floor. My dress came sliding down and I exposed my boobs to the entire office. I was beyond mortified and left the party fairly promptly, but I stayed with the company for 7 years."

29. "I embarrassingly re-gifted a present to the person who gave it to me. 'Santa' gave it to her, but she knew it was from me!"

30. "My colleague gave the CEO's wife a lovely lap dance...totally inappropriate which meant they did not return the following day."

31. "I ended up sleeping with a colleague and then having to drive him in to work the next morning with me so everyone knew!"

32. "I told my boss's wife I had a crush on him."

33. "Slipped on the dance floor while dancing the nutbush, I get embarrassed easily and wanted to cry."

34. "A colleague crashed the wedding in the function room next door and kissed one of the bridesmaids and then she came back to our Christmas party!"


35. "My boss got drunk and pretended to sack us all!"

36. "I sat on the photocopier and took some inappropriate pics. They were found and put on the notice board to look for the culprit."

37. "My colleague got so drunk that he grabbed the manager's boobs, fled the pub and was found the next morning wearing underwear in the office!"

38. "I was heavily pregnant, on the dance floor. Whoosh! My water broke. My GM bolted over to help me but slipped and broke his leg."

39. "With a belly full of drink, I flashed my boobs. Yep. Mortified for life."

40. "I declared my undying love for the boss in front of the whole team."

41. "I got completely drunk and jumped on the bosses back and asked for a piggy back because I couldn't walk."

42. "I stripped down to my bra and sang Anaconda by Nicki Minaj."