4 money-saving hacks that actually work


Adulthood is awesome: you can buy whatever you want and no one can stop you, right? Except that’s the bad thing too. No one can stop you from splurging on designer bags, tasty cocktails and fabulous shoes. That’s all well and good if you can afford the glam lifestyle. But if you’re constantly living beyond your means or you’ve got a savings goal you can’t seem to reach, you probably need to get serious about looking after your finances. We’ve got some money-saving hacks that will have you cashed up in no time!

The old money tin trick

We know, we know: oldest trick in book, plus you’re not ten. However, a money tin can actually be a really effective way of putting money aside for a holiday, a designer piece you have your eye on, or even backup cash for bills or unexpected expenses like car repairs. Even $20 per week will add up quickly!


5 dolla bills, y’all

Try this: every time you receive a $5 note as part of your change, don’t spend it. Put it in an envelope. At the end of six months you’ll be amazed by how much you’ve managed to save, just by keeping your small notes!

Separate accounts for separate needs

If you’re of the “have cash, will spend” school of thought, putting your money where you can’t touch it may be more effective for you. Have a chat to your bank about opening designated accounts for different purposes. You can have a daily expenses account, a travel savings account, a bills account, a rainy day fund; you name it. Many banks will allow you to block yourself from transferring money between accounts too. For example, you would be able to transfer part of your pay cheque into your savings fund, but once it’s in, you could have it set up that you can’t take money out of certain accounts without walking into the branch. Trust us – this one is super effective for those of us with no self-control!


No credit cards!

Many of us struggle to control our spending once we have a credit card. If you can, avoid getting one or find one with a low limit and low interest rates. If you must have one or want to get a credit rating, try this tip: don’t make a purchase on your credit card that you won’t be able to pay off within a couple of pay cheques. This way, you won’t get overwhelmed with a much higher credit card debt than you can pay off.

It’s not easy to avoid spending when you like a glamorous lifestyle. But taking a few easy, effective measures will kick start your savings and you’ll be able to treat yo’self again in no time!


Hanna Sloan is studying a Creative and Professional Writing degree at QUT. She grew up wanting to be either a writer or a professional dancer, or both. Nothing has changed. She is passionate about performance, fashion, and social progress, and is a confirmed #NastyWoman. Hanna is the proud curator of a shoe collection surpassing sixty pairs, and always thought Andie Anderson in 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' was crazy for not wanting to write about shoes for a living. In her spare time Hanna can be found devouring a book or magazine, watching 'Friends' or asking her parents for Snapchats of the family’s two beagles.