28 thoughts you have on the last day of work

So close to freedom!

As another year draws to an end, our Christmas and New Year break is in our sights! And tbh, there’s nothing better than unwinding, hanging out with our loved ones, indulging in too much food (not forgetting cocktails) and recuperating for the new year ahead.

But with all this festive fun ahead of us, it’s far too easy to get sick of the slog of the everyday working life (adult struggles), and possibly those certain co-workers that are a little too good at getting under your skin.

Here’s 28 thoughts you have on your last day of work.

1. Do I really need to get everyone a Christmas gift? I mean I’ll be seeing them all next year...

2. Isn’t being away from each other a gift in itself?

3. But what if they get me one, I guess I better at least get a few people something.

4. I can’t believe *insert co-workers name* didn’t give me a Christmas card! I mean I didn’t even give out Christmas cards but it’s the thought that counts...

5. Emails... emails... do I really need to sort these, or could I just delete them all?

6. I mean no one would notice...

7. But seriously who even sends emails on today of all days?!

8. That’s what I’m going to do next year, I’m going to be so on top of my emails I’ll never have to go back and sort them again!

9. Who am I kidding.

10. But speaking of organisation, 2017 is my year!

11. I’ll make sure I schedule all my important meetings in my diary.

12. Well at least for the first month...

13. Well at least I’ll pretend to...

14. What time is it? Only 9.20am? Is this clock broken?


15. Ok, let’s gets to business... what am I going to wear on Christmas Day?

16. Wait forget Christmas... what will I wear on New Year’s Eve?

17. Ok, wait... I should at least pretend like I’m working...

18. Working, working, working.

19. *Insert co-workers name* said there would be cake.

20. Is it too soon to have a cheeky champers?

21. I mean, getting through this year is a celebration in itself!

22. What time is it now? 1.50pm? That clock is definitely broken.

23. Instead of cleaning up my desk today, would people be opposed to me pushing everything on the floor?

24. New Year, new start after all!

25. 5 minutes to go!

26. Yessssss


27. I’m out of here b*tches!

28. *realises can’t say that*