25 Thoughts you have when you’ve never travelled

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So here's 25 thoughts people have when that haven't yet travelled. And yes, a lot of them involve excuses.

Let me paint the scenario. You're at a friend's housewarming party and you start to talking to one of the guests. The conversation quickly steers towards the topic of travel and dear dread washes over your face. Before you have time to evacuate the situation, they're sharing travel stories with you. Calmly, you remind yourself to breathe because smiling and nodding is easy, but then that question gets asked. 'What countries have you travelled to?"

Just like that you desperately find yourself justifying why you haven't left the comfort of your city for an overseas adventure.

So here's 25 thoughts people have when that haven't yet travelled. And yes, a lot of them involve excuses.

1. I swear, everybody has travelled but me.

2. Two hours travelling in a car to another city counts, doesn’t it?

3. I don’t even own a passport.

4. Maybe if I get a passport I might actually book that plane ticket?

5. But who would I travel with?

6. I’ve heard stories about friends who have travelled together and basically killed their friendship.


7. I’m pretty sure if I travelled with my best friend, we’d end up in a massive fight before we even set foot into another country.

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8. Maybe I’ll travel with my boyfriend.

9. Oh wait, I don’t have a boyfriend.

10. I need to update my Tinder profile to, “Need a travel buddy.”

11. But what if I meet a serial killer? Bad idea.

12. Never mind, I'm going to travel alone. Heaps of people do it!

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13. I'll start looking at flights right now.

14. Hey, look at all these specials. Return flights and accommodation under $1100!

15. I’m going to book it ASAP.

*Enters card details. Card rejected: Insufficient funds.


16. Now I remember why I haven’t travelled and left this city.

17. Time for an intervention. I need to start saving.

18. But before I do, I need to pay off those $1200 designer heels I have on layby.

19. Oh, that's where my travel money went.

20. It's never too late to start getting my life together. It's like going on a diet. It's not easy but it's totally worth it.

21. Monday mornings are a good time start with change.

22. Why not now?

23. Because I have prioritise that involve getting a blow out, manicure and pedicure and eyebrow wax (they have to be on fleek). Plus, I have to buy that Camilla kaftan for my beachside destination and I need those concert tickets. Oh, and I'm hungry so I'll quickly order 2 pizzas from UberEATS. One for dinner and one for tomorrow’s lunch.

24. I'm staying positive.

25. I'll be travelling before I know it!