21 Adult things you’ll understand in your late 20s

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Welcome to the world of being an adult.

Oh the joys of independence! You’ve moved out into a little trendy apartment, you’re holding down a full time job but you’re not sure where all your money is going?! Hitting the clubs and bars spontaneously are now a pre-planned luxury because, #budget. And you’ve swapped takeaway lattes for instant coffee because you have to extend every dollar.

As they say, with more freedom comes more responsibility. But who would have thought living at home was so easy! You’re starting to see that life does play hardball at times and this realisation is before marriage, kids and all that other grown up stuff we’re yet to figure out! If like me, you’re in those late 20s and you’re trying to navigate your way through life’s adult version of snakes and ladders – then I’m sure the below will sound all too familiar.

1. When you choose to have a responsible Friday night in because Saturday mornings are dedicated to laundry and household cleaning.

2. When your new best friend is the latest Dyson vacuum cleaner.


3. When a weekly email hits your inbox from your favourite homeware store informing you that they have 20% off. Bye, bye, weekly wage.

4. When you're sucked in by those annoying marketing ploys from a TV shopping network and you’re convinced to buy: some odd vegetable slicing device that you don't know how to use or a mopping robot that barely has any battery life.

5. When you're filled with excitement because your bathroom is sparkly clean.

6. When you get turned on by your freshly washed sheets.

7. When you’re thrilled to share your new cleaning product finds with your mum.

8. When you decide that you can’t be bothered preparing dinner so an excuse to spend ‘quality time’ with the family involves visiting the parents while eating a delicious home-cooked meal.

9. When you find yourself shopping in mum’s pantry. Surely she doesn’t need the spaghetti sauce or Oreo cookies


10. When you turn off every light and powerpoint that’s not in use because electricity bills are a b*tch.

11. When you had no idea groceries cost so much and two-minute noodles become your weekly staple.

12. When you realise that cooking for yourself every night is a hell of a lot of work.

13. When you live for cheap Tuesdays because of those crazy dinner #deals!

14. When you’re excited to have guests over but have so much cleaning to do when they leave! Who knew washing up dishes after entertaining would be so exhausting.

15. When you’re saving for a brand new washing machine because yours broke and the laundromat just isn’t cutting it.

16. When Pinterest gives you major interior design goals but you’re not sure how you’ll ever afford it.

17. When your life aspirations are to own a fluffy white rug and Missoni hand towels.

18. When shopping at Kmart is a weekly ritual because of #budget and #goals.

19. When you find yourself budgeting like a boss because you’re finally getting in control of this money game.

20. When your Saturday nights in look like this: red wine, scented candles, a good book and a hot bath.

21. When you discover your new blessed freedom and even though it’s a lot of work, you’re actually proud that you’re standing on your own two feet. You go girl!