18 Things that instantly trigger work rage

18 things that instantly trigger work rage

Mug stealers

Yes, we know we shouldn't be overly attached to our "I'm not bossy, I'm THE boss" mug, but just GIVE IT BACK ALREADY.

Having to write a missing mug email

There's no way of writing one of these that doesn't make you look petty.

Passive aggressive notes

"I expect you've noticed the dishes are being put away when they aren't completely dry, ha-ha! Shall we try and do it properly next time?"

Tins of tuna

There's a special place in hell reserved for people who eat tuna at their desk.

Loud eaters


18 things that instantly trigger work rage STOP STEALING MY FOOD, KAREN.

Email chains that go on forever

Haha Wendy sent an email to the whole company instead of one person and haha someone's sent a terse reply and oh look another one, and another one, and another one... OK it's not funny anymore and STOP SENDING ME EMAILS!

The cutlery drawer

Forget the Bermuda Triangle, where on earth all the teaspoons go missing to is the real mystery here.

Food stealers

And people who write notes on their food saying 'DO NOT STEAL!' Unfairly these people are equally annoying.

People who come in to work sick

Contrary to what you might believe, nobody thinks you're a hero when you come in sick and spread your germs everywhere.

The stationary cupboard

It will never, ever contain a whiteboard marker. Until all you want is a Post It note, when there will be nothing but whiteboard markers as far as the eye can see.

Air con

It always seems to be broken in the middle of summer but as soon as winter rolls around, its set to sub-zero temperatures.

Pointless meetings

You've survived yet another meeting that should have been an email.

Overly friendly emails from strangers

If you've never met me and you open your emails with "Hi Hun!! :)" I'm going to be weirded out.

Loud sneezers

Or people who have a loud laugh or sniff constantly (get a tissue, by the way!). Loud sneezers have us like:


An IT department that actually has no idea

Guess what: we too can just restart our computer when it's not working. We were kind of hoping you'd actually know how to fix it.

Notes containing an excessive amount of exclamation marks!!!!!

These are just as bad as faux friendly passive aggressive emails, especially when they're written in Comic Sans font.

That one colleague who always complains

We get it Anne, you hate your life.

Your computer

"Hahahaha! I will break until someone comes to fix it, when I will magically work by being switched off and on again and make you look like an idiot! Muahahahahaha!" Idiot.


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