Secret essentials: The underwear every woman needs

A complete list of the not-so-sexy but totally essential and practical undergarments for every outfit.

Kim Kardashian in spanx and practical underwear every woman needs

As usual, the world has gone crazy over Kim Kardashian's latest revelation. The reality star has announced that she wears not one, but two layers of spanx under certain outfits on a day-to-day basis, to carefully curate her famous curves.

This has got us thinking, if Kim Kardashian, arguably one of the sexiest women alive, can rock these not-so-glam undergarments over sex appeal, why can't we?

Of course, there is still a definite time and place to dust off your lacy lingerie and take them for a ride, but for the most part, why shouldn't we take the practical approach? 

Here are some of the essential practical undergarments and accessories that will have you held in (and up) in all the right places.

Strapless bra, seamless underwear and convertible bra underwear essentials

1. The strapless bra

The most important undergarment essential; every woman needs to own a well-fitting strapless bra. Visit a lingerie store and get fitted for a shape and size that best suits your body, you won’t regret it!

2. Seamless underwear

They may not be the cutest of panties, but these bad boys are a lifesaver. Say goodbye to pesky underwear lines in even the slinkiest of outfits and say hello to a smooth derrière 24/7.

3. Hollywood tape

It holds down fly-away hems and gaping necklines, Hollywood tape is the true hero of the red carpet. Be sure to keep a roll of this stuff in your top drawer, just in case!

4. Convertible bra

A bra that works with just about any outfit, what more could you ask for? If you know all too well the struggles of being a busty woman and attempting to wear a stick-on, you need to grab yourself a bra that not only plunges with your neckline but can transform to hide under anything from a halter top to a strapless dress. It's everything you need in one!

Slip dress, stick-on bra and shape-wear underwear essentials

5. Slip dress

The slip succeeds in subtly smoothing and shaping your figure, without the discomfort of a corset. The best part, they're not half ugly either!

6. Stick-on bra

The sticky bra: the holy grail of underwear. This sneaky, skin coloured contraption blends in seamlessly with the natural contour of your body and is the perfect addition to your favourite backless dress. Our only warning: don't wear a sticky bra when the forecast is hot! Sweat = no stick!

7. Shape-wear

Shorts, bodysuits or briefs... you name it, they make it. Don't be afraid to take a leaf out of Kim's book and suit up under your next daunting dress and radiate confidence and style.

Forget going commando, grab yourself some of these figure-hugging, drawer essentials and ensure that you're never stuck for an undergarment again.

Words: Sophie Catsoulis