Why Women Need to Know Their Worth

Stand tall, raise your pout, have an empire state of mind and put on your game face – for never before have women depended on self-confidence more to make their mark on the competition.

Lets face it, it's hard work being a woman. Aside from the expectation of presentation we're faced with what sociologists are labeling a glass ceiling – where women are traditionally less powerful, dominant and even successful than men. But what man can wear 6 inch Louboutins all day at work, only to swap them for 6 and a half-inch Choo's for a solid night out? How is that not powerful? It's time for women to stand tall and know our worth, to know where self-assurance and poise meet ego and to make the most of the goods – we didn't spend 20 minutes perfecting our eyeliner to look at the pavement all day.

The supremacy of confidence

Have you ever stopped to think what makes us choose the red lipstick over the nude, the 2011 Prada runway sandals over the simple black booties, or the white blazer and pencil skirt suit over the cardigan and trousers? Simple every-day choices, as mundane as red vs beige, can effect our careers, social lives and relationships in ways we could never imagine. Take your game one step further every day because somebody, somewhere is noticing and appreciates your efforts.

It's the subtle differences in the way we present ourselves which separate self-confidence and ego. Self-confidence gets us the job, the date and the ability to look as great as we feel but an over-inflated ego can leave us as red-faced as that electric shade of lipstick we've chosen. Not a good look ladies.

The supremacy of confidence

There is more to self-confidence than dressing for the occasion. We need to know how to show off the wardrobe and show the world what we're made of and what we're capable of doing. We don't need to be front row, literally or hypothetically, to make our mark. Body language and poise get us noticed, show we take ourselves seriously and mean business. It's one thing to have shoes on our feet but we need the self-confidence and poise to match. We might not feel like conquering the world every day but as the accomplished admit, fake it till you make it.

Hold your head high and don't let your crown fall for now, more than ever before, is the time for confidence and poise. Don't let the competition beat you.