Why these tech21 & Scholl products are killer

I’ve discovered 2 new lifestyle essentials from tech21 and Scholl that I simply cannot live without.

There are a handful of seasonal additions I religiously invest in every year. They may be pricey investment pieces such as the ‘it bag’ or they my be a more modest essential like yoga pants or trendy ear phones. Recently, I stumbled across two new favourites under $100 that I’ve fallen in love with and I had to share with you.

I’ve discovered 2 new lifestyle essentials from tech21 and Scholl that I simply cannot live without.

Winter is nearly over (thank god) and I’ve been living in Scholl’s Light Legs Compression Tights ($24.99). Now, I’m not usually inclined to wear the classic pantyhose but this season they’ve made quite the comeback and they’re also practical and flattering.

Putting them on is quite the mission because they are tight, particularly because of the Fibre-Firm technology. But it's worth the squirming and gentle tugging because they are designed to work overtime on your pins and will leave them feeling light and looking good all day long.

Essentially, these wardrobe staples are fashion tights with a function. They provide gradual compression, don’t ladder and help revitalise and relieve tired, heavy legs.

They’ve taken me from long days in the office (running up and down stairs) through to nights out where I find myself on the dance floor.

I also have long nails, tend to be a bit rough and sometimes lack patience, so hosiery doesn’t have a long life span in my closet. But I’ve found these guys to have a heavy-duty element that has allowed me to keep them on rotation throughout winter.

They’re also insanely slimming and offer that spanx option that firmly holds everything in all the right places.

I’ve worn them out on a girl’s night and teamed my tights with thigh high boots, a printed mini skirt and faux fur vest. Whereas a day in the office will see me mixing it up with a shift dress and tailored jacket or a pencil skirt and button down blouse with a silk scarf.

The compression offering gave my legs the relief they deserved and I was able to keep moving, dancing or running wherever life ended up taking me. It’s also transeasonal, so I’ll be wearing these babies during spring and for the many seasons after that.

I’ve discovered 2 new lifestyle essentials from tech21 and Scholl that I simply cannot live without.

Technology is just as much apart of our lifestyles as is our statement earrings. Which brings me to my next favourite, my latest phone-case discovery. I’ve only just upgraded to an iPhone 7 and I was after a case that subtly emphasised style without being too fussy. I also needed it to protect my lifeline as I have been known to drop my phone on the regular.

Luckily, I came across premium impact protection brand tech21 who launched their first ever range of fashion cases, for both the Samsung S8/S8+ and the iPhone 7/7 Plus a few months ago.

Now, the reason this has changed my life is because I have dropped my phone on a concrete floor, it’s flown across a carpark thanks to an enthusiastic hug I gave and I’ve even done the worst of dropping it down the stairs of a moving escalator. And yes, I can truthfully tell you, my phone is completely unharmed and in perfect condition! It’s a miracle. And I also received a number of compliments on the design.

Costing between $49.95-$79.95, it’s proven to be the superhero I didn’t know I needed. Hopefully you aren’t as wreckless as I am with your phone, but if you are – then this tech21 case might become your new best friend.