Why the Trilogy Ring is the Most Romantic

The trilogy ring is arguably the most romantic of all rings you can present. It states "my past, present and future are with you."

A larger centre stone reaffirms the significance of the present, symbolising that the couple are in the moment together. The trilogy ring appeals to many couples; it offers a declaration and confirmation that you're there for life. In fact, the ring has begun to take precedence over the simpler ring that has a statement of "I love you" or "Will you marry me?"

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With diamonds, there is a sparkle, brilliance and lustre like no other and, of course, they're the ultimate symbol of love. Being the most durable material, they signify durability of promises made too. For a pop of colour though, coloured gemstones utilised as the centre stone of a trilogy ring convey further feeling and emotion. As well as employed to provide a burst of bright colour, particular gemstones stand for different emotions. For faithfulness and communication, choose exuberant emeralds, pick ravishing rubies for passion and devotion, or go for stunning sapphires to mean intuition, truth and peace. Trend-led designs can feature semi-precious gemstones, which also come with their own metaphorical meanings. Opal, for example, stands for inspiration, imagination and creativity whilst peridot can represent balance and compassion. Tanzanite is thought to be magic and also symbolises success and stress relief, whilst jade signifies generosity and abundance. When given in a stable relationship, these centre gemstones define commitment, whilst the 'past' and 'present' supporting stones show truth and respect.

Alternative meanings may be considered by Christian couples who see the centre stone representing God as their principal object of faith, the Supreme Being, plus the author of their relationship. In this instance, the two side stones are the couple themselves, joined through their faith in God.

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Overall, trilogy rings are highly versatile jewellery pieces. They can be presented as an Argyle pink diamond engagement rings  or an alternative to the more conventional eternity ring. Not only this, the trilogy ring can be given as a token of expression around a personal celebration or sentiment, from the birth of a child to an anniversary.

Do you own a trilogy ring – what does it mean to you?

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