Why shopping smart is the new sexy this Valentine's Day

Miley Cyrus with lots of Chanel bags

Ladies, the month of LOVE is finally here. It's a bitter sweet moment, some are able to indulge in the holiday while others tend to be hit with those single blues. Though Valentine's Day seems exhausted and many are against this man-made celebration, there is room for a toe curling experience and it doesn't involve a lover.

A little retail therapy is sure have your stomach flutter with excitement. But if you're like us, smart shopping is the new black. 2016 is all about refining your shopping habits so you can have the Carrie Bradshaw-esk wardrobe!

Don't let seduction get the better of you.
Whether it's the colour, print or style of the season, not every trend looks good on every body shape. It's worth being honest with yourself and not being seduced into buying something that was only made for a runway model.

This is how to make Maths sexy.
That's right! The value of the 'investment' piece should be decided on how often you wear it and not on the whole price. For example, a sale item with a 30% discount that is only worn once is not a bargain, whereas an item you purchase for $500 and wear 250 times is only $2 per wear. So obviously, that's 100% justifiable.

Is it here for a long time or a good time?
With the likes of Zara, H&M and UNIQLO producing on-trend, disposable fashion at ridiculous prices, it's almost hard to control ourselves not buy the one-wash-only, t-shirt. Though the facts are, invest in one quality t-shirt and you'll have it for a lifetime

Are you lusting or needing?
Floral prints, wide leg pants, the 70s trend, fringing, lace and midi skirts are everywhere! There's no escaping the world-wide wave but there's only so many on-trend pieces that we need before it's simply overkill. That's why it's encouraged to buy wisely and opt for 3-4 key styles each season. Not only will your bank account thank you but so will your wardrobe in about 2 months when those pants are no longer in fashion.

Set the boundaries.
Would you agree that setting a budget sounds so adult-like? Having been inspired by the iconic Carrie Bradshaw who somehow convinced women worldwide that a shoe addiction over food in the fridge was acceptable, has left it almost unfashionable to set a budget. But in all honesty - that's absolutely ridiculous. Everyone needs to budget. So before your next shopping spree, why not put aside a certain amount each week into a splurge bank account. You'll be surprised in a few weeks, how much you could have accumulated.

Image source: Miley Cyrus / Twitter