Why personal style and confidence says f*ck fashion

Why strutting to the beat of your own sky-high stilettos is leaving fashion's norm in disarray... 


Here’s what the fashion industry won’t tell you. Confidence is the sexiest, most invaluable and stylish thing you could ever wear and own.

A woman could be dressed to the nines in designer clothes like a billboard of labels with red soles and a Chanel lip and look like an utter mess. But if she’s exuding a fierce confidence – then ripped jeans, sneakers and her boyfriend’s old t-shirt has never looked so desirable.

Trends will come and go but personal style is priceless. If you can discover the power to tap into your inner style soldier then you’ll be able to face life’s hurdles with your best stiletto forward.

However, I’m not saying you shouldn’t put in the effort! Life is too short to look disheveled. I encourage you to have fun with fashion and enjoy it. I’m a believer that every girl should take her outfit to new heights by strutting her stuff in soles that slay. Rules were meant to be broken so be fearless and experiment with accessories, colours, shapes, textures, designs and silhouettes.

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In a society that’s driven by curated selfie’s and imperfection-editing filters, it comes as no surprise that confidence sits on the backburner as an afterthought. Blogs and magazines brainwash us into thinking that we are to modify our looks to fit in and suit our daily environments whether professionally or socially. But if we knew the key to dressing for success was hidden in the truth of feeling secure within ourselves, then maybe we’d have tapped into a new phenomenon of self-empowerment?

BUT ... What if I told you to f*ck trend-driven fashion, forget the ‘it’ bag, drop the sole saviors and just wear whatever the hell you want!?

Fashion is so much bigger than what is on your back or in your closet – it’s about embracing you, a boss-ass-bitch in a disposable world of fabrics and accessories.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable in six inch stilettos or suffocating in high-waisted, skinny jeans then it’s time to get real and ask yourself who are you dressing for? If you're painting on a thick layer of makeup for your boyfriend or feeling constricted in a pencil skirt for your co-workers, now it’s time to stop! Enough is enough ...

It's time to get in-control of your style, own your look and wear confidence instead of the self-restricting clothing that the world demands you to wear.

Trendsetters lead the way; they don’t abide by limitations and expectations. Rather they’re forward thinkers who set the guidelines for others to follow. They are the women and men who are rocking and working with what they have. They’re walking around saying, “F*ck fashion. I choose to create my own jaw-dropping, statement shocking, unapologetic and unforgiving stylish beat.”

So go forth style divas and own your confidence, be inspired, give the middle finger to the world and wear whatever the hell you want!