Why fashion's elite never opt for practicality when shopping for a timepiece


When was the last time you bought something and thought about its practicality and diversity? Every accessory has a backstory, but in the price-competitive and disposable market of today, finding a piece that lasts a lifetime is rare.

Reflecting on how the fashion industry has evolved is fascinating. We once lived in a time where suitability and usefulness made sense but now making smart choices and making a style mark are two completely different things.

For example, the watch was once cherished for its functional reasons such as telling the time, but now we all have smart phones for that or even some of us have smart watches. Now the classic watch serves as a fashion statement rather then just a timepiece.

Have you ever wondered if maybe the luxury market is taking on a new meaning by delivering less trendy alternatives and now offering exclusivity and quality?

Overexposure of a product can almost cheapen the want-factor, while the feeling of something being unattainable exudes mystery and that in itself is priceless.


A classic brand Rolex for example, maintains its high value - not only because of the name but from its well respected craftsmanship.

That's why making an investment purchase is more than just buying a coveted accessory. It's the beginning of a new journey.

If you are looking at buying a watch, then you need to choose one that suits your personality, sensibility and budget. It can come in a classic silver design, sport a leather strap, show off feminine diamonds or you can make a statement by doing the unexpected and wear a man's watch.

Women's watches are usually inspired by the latest fashion styles and quickly date according to the season. But if you choose a man's watch, it will be a working piece of art. The big, bold masculine design will draw the eye to the wrist which is one of the most feminine parts of a woman's body.

Regardless of your preference, choose a wrist-piece that suits your personality and represents you. Adopt the watch as part of your signature style, it's a dressy, timeless essential that will last you a lifetime.