White Label Noba: style for every age and shape

Local Brisbane label, White Label Noba, gives us beautiful pieces, perfect for stylish women of all shapes and sizes.

White Label Noba AW16 collection launch

In the treacherous world of fashion, particularly following the unfortunate closures of much loved Brisbane labels, Stone and Metal, and Easton Pearson, and the Brisbane leg of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, we couldn't be more excited to hear the heart-warming achievements of local label, White Label Noba.

Committed to making women look and feel great, the budding Brisbane brand is hitting home runs in every way possible. Born out of her passion for celebrating style at all sizes, founder Tracy Watkins has taken success in her stride.

From the humble origins of designing her very own wedding dress, Tracy has gone on to gather quite the following for her incredible designs. Local women can't seem to get enough of not only her accepting outlook, but the stores impeccably crafted and impressively stylish pieces.

Regardless of age, body type or fashion sense, there is surely something for everyone among her increasingly popular designs. However, despite this welcome variety, there is a common thread that brings each piece together. White Label Noba's signature aesthetic is one of poise and confidence. Each piece is timeless, transcending the boundaries of passing trends and remaining a perfect go-to piece for any woman's wardrobe.

With her winter range not far off the horizon, we can't wait to see the stunning new additions to the already notable collection. White Label Noba represents the positive paradigm shift in the fashion world, givingwomen the opportunity to look incredible at any size and age. Its growing success also serves as a glimmer of hope for our Brisbane fashion scene, ensuring that it continues to grow into the fashion hub we all believe it can be!

Check out www.nobadesign.com.au or head on down to 121 Riding Road in Hawthorne and see for yourself!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis