When sporty met sexy

The embrace of curves
Thick thighs and booty are the new coveted abs. What started as a cultural identity in the United States has spread around the globe as fast as the cross-trainer will spin and the natural curvy look is something we can all find a bit of sexy solace in. The 90’s was a time of skinny but 2015 and beyond is a time of the curve. After all, they need something to hold onto.

#thinspo not so inspirational anymore
A movement which has been kicked to the curb faster than it grew, #thinspo and #thinspiration have been replaced with #fit and #healthy. Womens’ battle with the gym isn’t about the 45 minutes on the treadmill anymore, were becoming wise to the art of body conditioning and we know skinny doesn’t equal sexy and hipbones jabbing into legs is going to ruin the moment pretty quickly.

The uprising of lycra
We can thank Nike, Stella McCartney and Adidas for the uprising of fashionable sportswear. Tights we can wear to the shops, trainers we can do coffee in and cute hooded vests which say “determined” more than “don’t care”. The rise of fitness wear as fashion is making the gym, the field and the sidewalk just another place to strut our stuff while working up a sweat. Plus our butt looks cute in it too.

Have your cake and eat it too
Tell your date you’ll have the salad, hold the cheese and dressing on the side and they might think you’re trying too hard. As much as kale and quinoa are proving their benefits to our health, pasta and pizza have been proving their benefits for much longer. There is something powerfully sexy about having your cake and eating it too.

Sexy sweaty
The mascara we applied 12 hours ago is on our chin, our cleavage is a sweat patch and we don’t smell like Dior anymore. Working out isn’t the most glamorous of moments but for every wegie we have to deal with, somebody is watching and appreciating. A woman working out, whether pounding the pavement or having a moment in the 6pm yoga class, is like ecstasy to a potential suitor. Now show them what you’re capable of.

Fit to go the distance
It’s probably not a prominent reason we squeeze into yoga pants and ruin our makeup three times a week, but keeping fit for the everyday also means keeping fit for the bedroom. Walls become the bed, we bend in ways we didn’t know possible and forty minutes doesn’t finish with sticky skin and puffing. You’ll notice the difference and so will they.