What your man's facial hair says about his personality

David Beckham modelling with facial hair

Male facial hair has been the biggest craze over the last few years and the debate continues. Do women love or loathe it and should every man rock it? It you're like many and still on the fence about this hairy topic, then you are in luck. We've put together the perfect little guide that will shed light on the different styles and personalities underneath that bed of growth.

The Scruffy Hotshot

The scruffy hotshot look has been featured everywhere, from social media to magazine covers such as GQ and Esquire. So what does this seemingly effortless (but actually carefully constructed and high maintenance) facial hair say about your man? Ultimately, he is super hot! These bearded men take pride in their appearance and ooze a sexy confidence. They're stylised, well-grommed and mostly a cut above.

The Cautious Creative


Not for all men, this take on the soul patch has mixed reviews ranging from a ridiculous afterthought look to the signature of hipsters. Guys sporting the 90's inspired look are likely to be creative and offbeat souls.

The Distinguished Gentleman

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Associated with “older” men, academics and religious icons, the full beard style of the distinguished gentleman shows his alpha-male-status. However, the statement of this look really depends on the way it is worn. It could be that your man is lazy, shy or even passionate. But, whatever you do, never underestimate his manliness!

The Shape Shifter


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Similar to the distinguished gentleman, the shape shifter (aka. the goatee) depends on a man’s devotion to his appearance. If done right, this style could set your man apart from the generic ranks of facial hair, sky rocketing his look to world class. Age plays a part in interpreting this mature look as it is often seen as another older guy look.

The Alternative Up-and-Comer


This untamed, untouched, bed scruff is for the young party boys who are still finding their feet in the grown up world. The look is often sported by the up-and-comers who either couldn't care less or feel as though their ill-groomed, stray stubble improves their look- definitely not the case! Regardless, there is light at the end of the tunnel with most men eventually growing out of this sloppy look.

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Words: Taylah Scanlon