Here's what your go-to bag style says about you

From oversized totes to mini micro bags, here's what your handbag says about you.

What your hadbag says about your personality

I’m an avid tote bag carrier. There’s just something about being prepared for every occasion that brings my soul peace. If one of my girlfriends has an intense blister from their new heels, you know I’ll have a band aid (or 10). Have a headache? Sure, I’ve fitted a whole medical kit in there. And the sheer thought of going anywhere without a water bottle causes panic. However, it wasn’t until my strange handbag antics were pointed out to me that I realised our bag of choice says a lot about our personality. Here’s what your handbag says about you.

Oversized Tote Bag

We’ve covered the personality of tote carriers already, but if you haven’t already got the gist of it, I’ll break it down for you. You are a bit of an over thinker, and you like to be prepared for every occasion. However, because of all this overthinking the inside of your bag is probably in a state of chaotic mess; you can’t deny you’re constantly losing your car keys in the deep depths of your bag. But don’t fret, you’re just organised in a different kind of way.

Chic Shoulder Bag

You’re a confident go getter who thrives on structure. You’re a fierce multi-tasker, and every lipstick and key has a home in your crisp, clean bag. You’re a #girlboss that every woman looks up to, and you’re what every oversized tote bag carrier aspires to be.

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Cross body bag

You’re fun, free spirited and successful. You’re the type of woman who loves a versatile bag that is perfect for a night out, yet suitable for the office. You’re not afraid of spontaneity, yet your loved ones can always count on you for a tissue, band aid or mint.

What your handbag says about you

Envelope Clutch

You’re confident, trendy and strong-minded. You’re the life of the party, and your friends list is just as big as your wardrobe- huge! You love a range of versatility within your life, and your friends can always count on you to sweet talk your way into any VIP event.

Micro Bag

I have just one word; how?! You’re a free spirit that loves not being tied down. You love the thrill of an impulsive life, and you’ve mastered the art of being enviably resilient. You’re confident in who you are and what you want, and you’re not afraid to get it, one micro bag at a time.