What to Wear to the Spring Races

In the past, we have seen some fashion and style disasters. The most common is, the dress or skirt length being too short, a-some-what clubbing inspired dress was mistaken for acceptable cocktail wear and the worst possible tragedy, when stilettos are no longer on 'her' feet.

Yes, we have all been a witness and hopefully never a victim. So without further ado, this guide is to simply assist in breaking down the rules so we can maintain the dignity and class of spring racing fashion.

Key Spring Racing Fashion Trends

This season race-goers are opting for a classic and understated take on the traditional spring fashion trends. The importance of accessories, such as shoes, bags, jewellery and the finer details are number one.

The sugary sweet pastel trend will be quite popular this year at the Spring Racing Carnival. Get ready to see soft pinks, lilacs, mint greens and baby blues in 1950's silhouettes.

Print on Print
The clashing of prints has never been so popular. This year, fashion lovers will show off their wild side by breaking the rules and mixing patterns together for a brave feast of edgy, quirky and fun fashion.

Monochrome is a lady like combination that is forever chic. Black and white is classic and effortless and lends itself to the feel of feminine, understated glamour.

Fashion and Style Tips to Spring Racing Fashion

Spring Racing Fashion Rules to Never Break

The essential ingredient to spring racing is 'less is more'.

Lady like dressing, modest silhouettes and classic styles are key to successfully putting together your look.

Hemlines should always be below the knee, never wear sequins trackside, always wear headwear, denim is not acceptable, underwear should never be on display and if you choose to bare a little bit of skin, remember that less is more.

The Secret to Successfully Wearing and Choosing a Fascinator

This season headwear will be quite memorable. The biggest trend is individuality and unique textures.

Expect to see polka dots, metallics, leather, brass, exotic skins prints and 3D elements such as leaves and arrows.

Choose your headwear second to your outfit and then style the rest of your look accordingly.

What Should He Wear?

Suits are a must. Gentleman, race day is your time to dress to impress. Traditional black suits are always a safe option, but why not opt for a different colour such as navy or choose a printed jacket.

Indivdualise you look with a corsage, coloured bow tie or a pocket square.

Party Wear and Race Wear Are Different

Race wear and party wear differ greatly. Race wear is about elegance, modesty and femininity. Party wear is often fun and flirty, and showing off a little more skin is somewhat more acceptable.

Show us your spring racewear fashion by tagging your pictures on instagram with #FWSpringRacing.

Fashion and Style Tips to Spring Racing Fashion

Fashion and Style Tips to Spring Racing Fashion