What to wear to make him want to take it off

Have a few surprises up your sleeve
...or down your shirt or above your hemline. Whether it’s a night out with the girls, a first date or a regular mid-week night with the beau, keep some of your assets hidden for a late-night surprise. Guys don’t like to share you with the rest of the restaurant.

Think like Samantha Jones
“Hi, I need something that’ll make a guy come in his pants as soon as he sees me.” So Samantha Jones’ sex life and sex wardrobe might be a bit drastic but it’s a good ethos to keep in mind. Think sexy, dress sexy.

Know your stiletto limits
If the seven inch Louboutins seem a bit risky opt for the four inch Choos. Nothings says turn off like a new-born giraffe waddling across a room.

Gauge your company
New date, old friends or the regular squad, know what to wear when. The weekly catch-up circle might expect and appreciate your Lady Gaga, Karl Lagerfeld or some other uniquely inspired wardrobe but we don’t want to scare any potential suitors. Don’t be afraid to add your flair where appropriate but gauge the date before getting out the purple lipstick – or whatever else inspires you.

Always use scent
If all else fails, your feminine scent will draw a man in like women to a sale at David Jones. Just like a good-smelling man has our heads turning, a soft and feminine yet robust perfume will men following in your wake. Now choose carefully ladies (the man and the perfume).

Have a sex-style icon
If creativity and style inspiration is something which isn’t coming naturally at 7pm on a Friday night after a 38 hour working week, have a go-to style icon. Choose a star with a similar skin tone, body shape and hair colour. After all, not even A-List celebrities got their men by dressing down. What would J-Lo do?

Think (and dress) ahead
This is wear Bridgett Jones failed. That lace number might be a bit uncomfortable at the table or by the bar but it will look great on the bedroom floor – beside your dress and his pants.