What to wear on a first date with Linda Prescott

Do you have a hot date this weekend? Well, here's what to wear according to the experts.


When it comes to dating, how much does your outfit really say about you? Considering that first date nerves are kicking in, our minds go into chaos and we're left wondering, "What do I wear?!"

Dating Expert, Matchmaker and Founder of Ideal Introductions, Linda Prescott reveals what women should wear on a first date and how to find a balance between being sexy, feminine and practical.

What is the biggest mistake women make with their appearance on a first date?

LP: The biggest mistake women make is not showing off their feminine side. Men love it when women act and look feminine as it makes them feel more masculine.

Wear a dress or skirt with a pair of heels. Make sure you do your hair, makeup and wear perfume!

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What to Wear on a First Date with Dating Expert Linda Prescott

Can colour increase the chance of romance?

LP: I think every woman knows her colour – the one she always receives compliments for when wearing. Bright colours are fun and happy and this is what a first date is all about, so definitely go for colour! Pick something that makes you look and feel radiant.

Your thoughts on sexiness vs. practicality?

LP: I think you always need a mixture of both. However, practicality should always come first, because if you're not comfortable on a first date, you won't be able to relax and be yourself. But you also want to feel sexy, so wear something that flatters your figure and shows off your best assets, while always being classy.

What are three wardrobe essentials that every woman should own for date night?

LP: 1. A smart pair of jeans is the number one staple for all women. They are so versatile and can be worn with any cute top, singlet or blouse.

2. A classic LBD (little black dress) can be worn on any occasion. You can dress it up with pumps in the evening or down with a denim jacket during the day.

3. A pair of black or nude pumps! They can make any outfit instantly sexy and a bit more formal.


Should we invest in a new outfit for that special occasion?

LP: If a new outfit is within budget then definitely purchase something new! A new outfit always gives you a boost of confidence and makes you feel good. If you look good you will feel good.

Are there any rules that shouldn't be broken when it comes to baring too much skin?

LP: If you can see up it, down it or through it, your outfit might not be appropriate for a first date.

What is your number one fashion rule for a first date?

LP: Don't look like you tried too hard – even though you may have!

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