What does Your Shoe Say about You?

At 6am you're:

  1. Three ab crunch sets and four squat sets down with a 20-minite cardio session still to come.
  2. En route to the office with a tall double-shot latte in hand. You've got a full schedule and want to get a head start.
  3. Hitting the books for some last-minute study before your 10am exam
  4. You wouldn't know, if the sun isn't up, neither are you

For lunch you have:

  1. A quinoa and grilled pumpkin salad. Hold the feta
  2. Another coffee if you get the chance between appointments
  3. Three tuna salad sushi roles and a diet soft drink – from the petrol station
  4. It's lunch date with the girls and you're ordering what they'll have which is probably a BLT

In your bag is:

  1. A low-carb protein bar and some spare socks
  2. The new season Dior compact, three shades of lippy and a well-used Amex.
  3. A political science text book and 15 biros
  4. Some trashy magazines and about three weeks of receipts

Your hair and make-up routine is:

  1. 30 seconds each
  2. Varies depending on the occasion but a classic lip and sleek pony is a fail-proof go-to
  3. The same style every day
  4. Bold and bold. Your lashes are always dark and your hair is always curled – there is no curling iron damage a salon treatment can't fix.

You shop:

  1. A variety of in-store and online but you have your favourite brands
  2. Net-A-Porter, Yoox, The Outnet and the Dior counter if you can't match your shade virtually. Conveniently, all have Smartphone Apps.
  3. Only ever Myer. One shop, one stop
  4. With the girls after a long-lunch and before evening drinks

If you answered:

Mostly A. If Nike has released a new print, you know about it and you own it. You're the girl who looks good while conditioning yourself to look good. You love a trend but only if it's comfortable and can take you from the gym to the café.

Mostly B. Uh huh honey. You're the trend setter, not the trend follower. You work hard and look as good as the career you're carving out. Unless it's top of the line, it won't do and you're making no apologies!

Mostly C. Your career is a work in progress but right now you're dressing for convenience. You're time poor and don't like to waste a moment shopping if you could be getting ahead in that assessment. But don't fear, you'll thank yourself for your efforts in the future, if not already.

Mostly D. You know what was in trend yesterday and what's in trend today and you are sticking to them like eyelash glue! You always have a great excuse for a party or to catch up with the girls - plus you have a new outfit and need somewhere to show it off!