Wendy Makin Reveals Latest 2013 Couture Collection

The next big trend in bridal wear for 2013, overskirts, was featured along-side elegant brocade lace, peplum skirts, statement floral prints, and ruche and diamanté detail. Dresses displayed a style for every bride including form-fitting fishtail designs, princess inspired creations, contemporary knee-length pieces, dresses adorned with statement florals, and elegant A-line gowns. The pise-de-résistance however was a figure-flattering, lace pencil form gown complete with a flowing fish-tail and a detachable full-sized overskirt.


Geoff Makin says the overskirt is going to be big this season. "Brides now-a-days are after two different dresses for the ceremony and reception which are leaning towards relaxed garden-style weddings. The overskirt is great for this, it creates the classic bride feel as well as an elegant and flattering gown.
"The red and pink on the floral gown was just a natural transition," he says.

Milliner Meredith McMaster is a regular to the Brisbane fashion scene. "I just loved the floral gown. It's all very Mad Men, 60's silhouette and slim-fitting. The overskirt is going to be a big trend and has created a great point of difference for the bride to be set apart from the normal. The champagne lace was beautifully made and just fitted like a glove," she says.

Wendy Makin says she is pleased with the success of the collection so far. "It's been launched in Melbourne and received really well; next is Sydney and the United Kingdom. I'm really pleased it's been able to win awards but the fact that bides like it too is important. Judges at the Bride Design Awards said the particular gown was equally beautiful with or without the overskirt. We're after that gasp moment from the crowd."

And these dresses are certainly worth more than one gasp moment!