Groom 101: The secret to walking the aisle in style


I love a wedding. The outfits, the flowers, the free bar. Everyone always assumes that the bride will be the centre of attention, but I feel the attention should be shared.

As a stylist for custom suit company George & King I spend my days curating looks for the ‘Business Man’ - grey, blue, blue, grey and so on.

I tend to get a little bit excited when we style grooms. I believe that the men should have the same experience when choosing a suit as the women do when choosing their dress. At George & King we welcome the groom and his groomsmen into the showroom, they can relax, have a cold beer whilst we talk through fabric options, customisations, the theme of the wedding, their life goals, fears, hopes, dreams.

Choosing the right suit for your wedding can be a daunting task. With over 1000 fabrics and numerous customisations to choose from. The George & King dedicated Wedding Concierge team will help the groom through the suiting process from the very first consultation to the last fitting. The wedding colour guide for AW17 reflects the season, rich burgundy, tobacco, forest green and royal blue. Whatever your choice of colour or style, George & King will create a masterfully crafted look perfect for your special day. For more information on the process you can read through our ‘The Wedding Guide’.

The Wedding Style Guide

1. The groom should always have a point of difference from the groomsmen, either a different style tie, or a different colour vest or a three piece instead of a two piece. There are numerous ways of creating a different look for the groom whilst still achieving coherent style between the groom’s party.
2. Never try to get your shirt to match the wedding dress. There are so many shades of white, ivory, champagne, mushroom etc. I always recommend going with a crisp white double ply shirt. This will set off the colour of you suit and look great in pictures.
3. If you are buying a vest get the fabric all the way round. The satin back look is now a little dated.
4. Do not be afraid to be a little daring with your customisation options. A jazzy lining or a shirt monogram can make your wedding day ensemble that little bit more special.
5. There are no rules in wedding attire you do not have to wear a jacket.

As a stylist, I will recommend different looks based on the theme of your wedding. Each look is created to be individual as you are and reflect your personality, right down to the socks.

My top styles for this AW17 are pictured below. 

 1. The two piece

suit01Copyright. Fiona+Bobby Photography. Ash Quinn Make Up. Suit George & King

 2. The three-piece lounge suit

suit02Photo credit

3. The tuxedo

suit03Photo credit

4. The mis-match

suit04Photo credit

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Words: Hannah Croly