Undress: the new way to share your wardrobe

Mixing online shopping, outfit updating and clothes sharing, all while helping to reduce the impact of clothing waste in landfills; Undress provides the newest solution to fulfilling all your fashion needs and benefiting the environment.
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Sustainable fashion trailblazer Edda Hamar and the Undress Runways team are the brains behind the newest development in fashion swapping.

Launched on the 20th of April, Brisbane and the Gold Coast are the first cities to experience Undress: a peer-to-peer wardrobe sharing platform. This new website will allow users to browse, discover, borrow and share quality clothing. Featuring virtual closets, integrated messenger, ratings, reviews and a secure payment system built into the backend you will be able to get that new dress without even leaving the house!


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Edda Hamar has said that Undress will fill a gap in the share economy by providing a sustainable way for the fashion-conscious to get a new outfit and ultimately contributing to the global issues of overconsumption.

“6000kg of clothing and textiles are discarded into landfill every 10 minutes in Australia- that’s embarrassing,” says Ms Hamar. “Undress has always encouraged people to find a more gentle way to consume clothing and this is the next step for us.” In the same way that Uber drivers share rides, and AirBnB hosts share their homes, Undress has built a platform that allows owners to share their clothes.

“We are already seeing an emergence of young people turning to social channels like Facebook and Instagram to share clothes, but the process is clunky and doesn’t have measures in place to ensure safe and secure exchanges. Undress is simple, secure and the guidelines for borrowing are super clear.”


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The Undress team has recently launched the platform in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, but have already set their sights on the rest of Australia and London as their next stages.

If the idea of keeping up to date with trends while helping the environment at the same time interests you then be sure to check out Undress.

Words: Jade Byers-Pointer