Uncovering the Brisbane Look

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Kirstie Clements entrancingly narrates the film. Her profound statements will cause the viewer to astonishingly appreciate this brave and brilliant city.

Providing an insightful view, this documentary uncovers how swiftly yet reluctantly Brisbane's fashion scene has changed.

With multiple view points, the film is thought provoking in its own right.


Uncovering the Brisbane Look is a documentary that encourages our society to reflect and humbly thank the strong, independent men and women who have elevated our profile in the competitive fashion industry.

These brave souls pioneered and persevered to put our city on the fashion map.

Brisbane has produced exceptional designers who are internationally known, but all this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the one's who fought for us to have a place nationally.

Commenting on the film, Director Hailey Bartholomew said, "it was rewarding filming the documentary, viewers can expect to be inspired and proud of the Brisbane community."

"It was heart-warming just how supportive and encouraging everyone in the Brisbane fashion industry was of one another," said Hailey.

Kirstie Clements added, "As it unfolded it was wonderful to find that style in Brisbane was about much more than just fashion and what they wore."

During the film you will see interviews from Easton Pearson's Lydia Pearson, Sass and Bides' Heidi Middleton, and Nicky and Simone from Zimmermann.


Amelia Gundelach from the Gallery of Modern Art, art curator Alison Kubler and fine artist Michael Zavros also contribute their views about Brisbane's art and fashion scene.

This marvelous 30 minute documentary is sure to inspire viewers as the magic within our city is revealed.

Uncovering the Brisbane Look - which is presented by Queens Plaza in association with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane - has launched and is now playing at the cinema lounge, Queens Plaza.

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 The premiere of Uncovering the Brisbane Look took place at GoMA on Thursday 27 February, with a private cocktail soiree.