Trend Alert! What's In for 2013



 I personally love this trend and everything it represents. The gladiator strappy heel or boot, teamed with a sophisticated outfit creates a very sexy, almost dominatrix feel! Take inspiration from these strappy boots by Versace’s collection.



Elena Miro Trends for 2013 copy




Strappy heels in tribal and beading. The fun doesn’t just stop on top. The shoes are just as playful. Many details and lots of colours mixed with animal prints. Take a look at these Elena Miro heels for 2013.





 Enough about the shoes, let’s take it back to the most important, what’s up top, the dress. Altuzarra showed off this beautiful beaded dress at New York Fashion Week for Spring 2013. I predict we will see plenty more of the beaded detail from many designers in 2013.


Custo Barcelona RTW Spring 2013 





Just because there isn’t enough going on already, add some fringing as well. 

Custo Barcelona has added the bold clashing patterns, the bright colours, the lace plus some fringing and it all works perfectly!



Marc Jacobs 2013 




To calm down the bright colours and clashing prints that will be appearing in our wardrobes next year there will be a strong taste of bold stripes to mix up the prints and patterns. Big stripes in every colour will make a strong impact on the year 2013. Take inspiration from Marc Jacobs 2013 Spring collection.




DKNY shorts 




The short shorts that bare the bare bum that have made us all cringe at some point in 2012 are left behind and the oversized Bermuda shorts are in for 2013. They’re longer and flattering yet still feminine. DKNY released this denim pair at New York Spring fashion week. Paired perfectly with a white shirt and blazer.




SuperDuperStrength Karen Wlaker 



 As if we aren’t making enough statements with these divine stand out pieces of clothing, but to top it all off here comes the statement sunglasses. Think bold and bright and then bolder and brighter again. These Karen Walker; Super Duper Strengths in gold, though released this year will be sure to extend the trend for 2013. If you look closely at the gold detail you will find tiny skulls and hearts intertwined into the gold lace. Tiny details but still a big statement!







The clothes and the accessories can’t have all the fun. It’s a wanderlust year for all. If we can travel this weird, strange, wonderful world then why don’t we wear it as well? Colour, playful prints, exotic animal prints and classic cuts, to compliment the bold cuts and loud fabrics the jewellery is just as playful. The jewels heading into 2013 are also taking an international inspiration and statement piece is an understatement. Take a look at these Indian inspired jewels from the collaboration between Manish Arora and Amrapali.