Trend alert: underwear turns to outerwear!

Model wearing bra on outside of clothes

Here at Fashion Weekly we are big believers of individuality, especially when it comes to fashion.

But sometimes trends posed to us by designers at the likes of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) and London Fashion Week (LFW) can often leave us scratching our heads.. case in point: the bra over t-shirt trend?!

For many of us lingerie is underwear and is supposed to be worn under our clothes but that hasn't been the case at a NYFW and LFW! From bandeaus, slinky lace bralettes to fitted corsets this risque, undergarment necessity has been worn over the likes of knitted jumpers, t-shirts and even dresses!

Model wearing bra on outside of clothes

But don't be alarmed after having time to digest a few different variations of the new trend, it actually looks pretty funky on the runway. Though I'm not sure how this trend will take to the streets for everyday gals.

It's hard to decipher the inspiration behind this fad, but I can put my finger on a couple of possible causes..

1. A literal #TBT to the 60s where feminism was at its peak in society. Women would burn their bras in the name of gender equality so maybe women today are wearing the trend to prove that we are still owning it and standing up for ourselves?

2. Or.. remember when Madonna launched the cone bra corset designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and it was worn over T-shirts for a street style look?

Either way, as this trend trickles down the fashion line from the runway to the streets, I'm curious to see how many women will be brave enough to put their bras on show for the world to see.

Words: Isla Perrett