Travel Essentials: Keeping The Comfort Factor High

A great cabin bag
A colleague who travels more regularly than I recommended the Patagonia MLC 45 as her “ultimate” carry on bag. It might not be the bag you see being carried off a flight at LAX by a Kardashian but, now, as a proud owner of this bag, I’m here to tell you - it’s going to be your best friend. Roomy enough to hold your laptop, earphones, and a change of clothes you’ll be singing its praises from here to Timbuktu. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not check out the vegan leather range from Matt & Nat. Their July backpack is high on my wishlist!

Noise Cancelling Earphones
It seems a little #firstworldproblem, but these bad boys are what I’d consider essential for any flight. They’re the key to keeping out engine noise and work a treat as the universal airline code for “Do Not Disturb.” Depending on the model you have you may also want to get an airline headphone adapter to make your earphones useable in the airline jacks. And don’t think Bose are your only options, check out the stylish sets from Parrot as an alternative.

Save your back and your luggage limit by loading up your kindle with all your in-flight and holiday reading.

Portable Mobile Charger
No one wants to land at their far-away destination and miss the chance to check-in or Instagram their arrival, right? That’s why I don’t leave home, when travelling, without my portable mobile charger. Depending on the model you choose they can be good for up to 12 charges for mobile and iPad.

Skincare Kit
Not long after I started working for Yelp and visiting HQ in San Francisco, I discovered this Lisa Eldridge video covering her long haul flight routine. While I don’t go to such great lengths on my own travels, I have adopted an edited version and now start my flights with a cleanse and hydrating masque, and regularly use hand cream throughout the flight. It’s a game changer and your skin thanks you at the other end. I also make sure I take something like a rose hydrating mist (currently using The Little Alchemist’s) to keep my skin fresh. WotNot Sensitive Skin wipes are worth the investment for in-between freshen ups and come in a handy travel case.

Peppermint Tea
Yep, I’m that person. I’ll BYO my own tea bags and ask the hostesses for a cup of hot water throughout the flight. Airline food doesn’t agree with me at the best of times and as well as keeping me calm, peppermint tea keeps my stomach from starting a revolution somewhere over the Pacific. Try Pukka’s Three Mint available from Marcia’s Organics in West End.

Water Bottle
Bringing a water bottle you can fill up during the flight will keep you hydrated and feeling more human than zombie at the other end. Just don’t make the mistake of filling it before you go through customs!

Comfy Pants
Daggy pyjama pants are not okay on a flight. So thankfully, local labels like The Goodnight Society have a range of stylish and comfortable leggings that you could cheekily wear as normal pants. When you’re settling in for that first movie from the in-flight entertainment, switching pace and changing out of your jeans into something this comfortable can make 33D seem 5 star by comparison.

What are your top tips for a more comfortable flight?

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