Topshop Unique RTW Fall 2014

Layers, puffer jackets, and patchwork fur were strong key trends but on the other hand there were a few looks of near-to-nothing sheerness.

An edit that came off rather tasteless, was the quilted shorts with knee-high boots. This is a promised notion where the translation from the runway to reality will leave us gasping in shock.

The energy of a rebellious spirit filters through the collection with hints of tomboy meets pretty, and where soft becomes tough.

The bustier dresses appeared to be slipping and was portrayed as messy and incomplete.

The patchwork fur verses shiny tech fabrics rule for an overwhelmingly cheap season. Regardless of price point, the transition to translate these looks into our everyday lifestyle will potentially end up as a disastrous train wreck.

There seems to be a level of disorder, lack of attention to detail and an overall careless attitude within the collection. But synonymously, it was fun, in the moment, and obviously on trend. It goes against perfection and embraces rebellion in a sexy way.

Without causing a fuss, it seems to be clear that they have delivered the fast fashion trends that everyone will crave this season. All in all, maybe they nailed it.