Tips to Building a Timeless Wardrobe with Online Destination Forcast

What should every woman own in her wardrobe?

Good quality basics should be every woman's wardrobe essentials. A crisp, classic white shirt, a well tailored pair of trousers, a silky cami, a form fitting pencil skirt, a floaty summer dress, a form fitting colour block dress, a good handbag and a statement clutch for evening. These basics can form the skeleton of a wardrobe that is timeless and will transcend seasons. So each season you can buy your on trend statement pieces and mix and match with these basics so you can stay current without buying an entirely new wardrobe every season.

Are trends important to follow?

Trends are great; they are fun and push the boundaries of what we would normally wear. But we don't have to follow trends to the letter. Set your own style and create your own signature look. You will feel much more confident and unique rather than following the herd. Also, make sure you dress in what you feel comfortable in. Take into account your body shape, colour palette, your signature style and your budget. Not everyone can pull off yellow or peplum skirts.

Tips to Building a Timeless Wardrobe with Online Destination Forcast

How important are accessories?

Accessories can make or break an outfit. A bold statement necklace, bejewelled clutch or belt can take an outfit from Blah to Aahhh in just a flash.

What's your shopping philosophy?

Have fun and enjoy it. Some of the defining moments in fashion history have been captured by an outfit and were not planned to be. The mini in the 60's, Daisy Dukes denim hotpants in the 70's, in fact Kylie's gold hotpants, Princess Diana's Elizabeth Emanual wedding dress, all etched into fashion history.

Clothes define who you are and who you want people to perceive you to be. From Princess Kate's timeless classic style to Lady Gaga's wild creations. So make it count, make your statement, enjoy fashion, delight in shopping and enjoy dressing up.

Tips to Building a Timeless Wardrobe with Online Destination Forcast

How do you know when to love it or leave it?

If you can't stop thinking about it, get it! If you can think of two items in your wardrobe that will work with it, get it! You will always regret it if you don't and if they sell out, that means it's gone. To this day I still think about some beautiful garments that I wish I had bought on the day and later sold out.

How important is quality over quantity when building a timeless wardrobe?

Classic pieces are timeless and therefore an investment. But you don't necessarily have to buy designer. There are some beautifully tailored and well constructed fashions on the high street and online. Look for quality fabrics, well tailored styles and classic pieces with a twist.

Melissa Lek, Forcast Head Product Developer and Buyer

What are the timeless staples of the season?

Winter is fast approaching, so it is time to wrap up against the cold. An elegant coat in a classic camel, black or cream will stand the test of time and last for years. Winter is a time for lots of layers, so fine knits, long sleeved classic shirts, tights, a fitted pencil skirt and a really good pair of leather boots. Sublime!

One item every woman should splurge on?

Well being a woman I have to say shoes! Every girl LOVES shoes don't they? You can never have enough pairs of shoes and it doesn't matter what size you are and time of your life, you always stay the same size! Shoes can instantly update an outfit or take an outfit from day to night or vice versa. Slip off your ballet flats, slide them under your desk and add your sparkling heels and you've taken your office attire into a 'get set for a night out' outfit.

 Melissa Lek, Forcast Head Product Developer and Buyer