Tiffany & Co. to present rarest statement collection to Australia

It also features pieces from this year’s Blue Book, “The Art of the Sea,” which was a first for Design Director Francesca Amfitheatrof. This collection combines audacious style with fluid grace, and the sea’s boundless energy.

Tiffany & Co. To present the rarest statement collection to Australia

“Blue Book is an important symbol of Tiffany & Co.,” says Amfitheatrof. “Its rich heritage draws the finest artisans, who create a world of luxury that no other jeweller can equal. To design this important collection with these talented people and the most extraordinary gems is an honour and a privilege.”

The diamonds used throughout the collection range from glowing pink, exuberant yellow and fiery orange to cool green and vibrant blue. Only showcasing the best, Tiffany’s skillful artisans determine the exact cut that will maximise the hue for each diamond to meet the brands rigorous standards for clarity and saturation. Then their master jewellers create custom designed platinum mountings encrusted with white diamonds to allow each stones beauty to shine.

Tiffany & Co. To present rarest statement collection to Australia

To see this beautiful collection you can head to the Tiffany & Co stores in Sydney from the 17th July through to 29th July and in Melbourne from the 1st August through to the 14th August.

Words by Melissa Gork