3 tips to create the perfect summer wardrobe

It's much simpler than you thought!

It's much simpler than you thought!

Clear out the old and bring on the new! It's a new season (please someone tell Melbourne) and it's time for a fashion event, aka the 'wardrobe makeover'.

Fashion and you have a much-anticipated date, so pull out your spring summer wardrobe and take a look. The key to an amazing wardrobe is a bit of old school planning. There is no use in having amazing fashion styles you love, but don't work with your life or the rest of your wardrobe.

Having all of your amazing fashion pieces just hang in your closet all season is just tragic. It's action time so follow these steps to create the perfect high fashion wardrobe now.

Step One: The purge

Pull your entire wardrobe out and go through it piece by piece. Try to be objective. (This is where friends can be helpful!) Don't think about how much you paid, or where you got them.

There are only four things that matter:
1. Does the colour suit you?
2. Does the style suit you?
3. Does it fit ?
4. Is it still wearable? (tip: if it has holes in it, or the colour is faded or stained let them go, their fashion days are over!)


For it to be a keeper the answer to all must be yes! If not take it to your local op-shop, they will make better use of it than you!

Once you have purged your Spring/Summer closet, congratulate yourself, that was the hardest part. It's now time to fill your closet with exciting new fashion designs. Before you get too excited, this is going to happen in a more orderly fashion than usual – you may think this is boring but buying on whims is how you got a mismatched wardrobe in the first place.

Step Two: Finding the gaps

Evaluate your life, where do you spend most of your time? Casual, smart casual, corporate wear and cocktail are the categories you need to assess. If you are a student that goes out a lot, you may be focusing on casual and cocktail. If you work full time in a corporate office you will need to focus most of your attention on corporate wear and making it double as cocktail.

Your wardrobe should reflect your life, so match your wardrobe with your life and find the gaps. Be sure to include your summer plans in this! Use percentages - if you spend 20% of your life in casual clothes, then you only need to have 20% of your wardrobe casual.


Step Three: Fill the Gaps

Now it's time for fun, this is where I love online shopping as there is no shopping centre that could ever compare to the range of options that online shopping provides. Since you now know exactly what you need for your spring/summer wardrobe you can keep your searches specific. The key to this process is to stay focused - you are on a fashion mission. There are so many amazing fashion trends out there but if you are not a fashion model you need to be conscious of what clothing styles, and colours are right for you.

So there you have it, three easy steps to creating the perfect spring summer wardrobe. Happy shopping!

Words by: Michelle-Lee Summers.