This week's wrap up: wardrobe malfunctions to the red carpet

Wardrobe malfunctions, we’ve all had them. That horrifying moment when you step out on the town and realise that you’ve made a horrible mistake, there’s nothing worse. However - This past week I think Lenny Kravitz had the wardrobe function of ALL wardrobe malfunctions. While performing on stage in Stockholm the 51 year old singer learnt a lesson the hard way - One should never squat in leather pants. Right in the middle of a performance, Kravitz pops a squat in front of thousands, quickly realising that something has ripped and something else has quickly become very visible. To make matters worse he wasn’t wearing underwear! We’ve all been there right? 


The 2015 Teen Choice Awards were held on Monday, with the likes of Furious 7, If I stay, The Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect 2 and Paper Towns all taking home awards. As well as Jennifer Lawrence, Chloe Grace Moeretz, Anna Kendrick, Cara Delevinge, Channing Tatum also clearing out on the night. A round of applause for Nina Dobrev, Lea Michele and Robyn Lawley who were my best dressed from the night. In honour of the Teen Choice Awards let’s have a look back on these iconic fashion moments from past years:


Scream Farm, the Gold Coast’s newest horror attraction opened at the Carrara Markets this past weekend. VIP’s including Annie & Lloyd and Rob McKean from My Kitchen Rules, Sandra Nixon from Big Brother and The Naked Magicians Mike Tyler & Christopher Wayne all turned out for a night of terror. I myself was half contemplating not going, but I conjured up all the courage inside of my tiny body, and did the terrifying maze. All I can remember was a demon priest in an exorcism back-bend and having gravel all through new high heel boots, the rest is a blur. Set in the heart of a zombie outbreak, Scream Farm is staged as a treating facility for the infected. If you’re looking for first hand thrills and scares, Scream Farm is for you. Tickets can be booked through:

Shake and Stir opened their adaptation of the Dracula stage show Saturday night at QPAC. Dracula tells the story of a young lawyer as he visits Castle Dracula in the Carpathian Mountains. Alone and trapped within the castle walls, Jonathan discovers that his host Dracula wants more than just his presence at the dinner table. I want to offer a ginormous congratulations to the entire Shake and Stir team, this production was really something else. I couldn’t help but thinking while sitting in the audience taking it all in, that it was really like sitting in a cinema watching a horror movie on the big screen. Everything about the show worked, the staging was beautiful and it sounded great. As I was mingling with my group at the after party on the roof top of QPAC, I was suddenly interrupted as a breadstick went flying by, soon to be discovered it was thrown by Shake and Stir’s Artistic Director Nelle Lee - Trying not to start a full blown food war I let it go, only to see Christopher Wayne, in retaliation, snap yet another bread stick over poor Nelle’s head. Dracula is a must see, bookings can be made through:


I’ll leave you this week with a style tip - Something that I can’t seem to get enough of lately is rapped denim jeans. It’s the perfect day to night style. Put on a good pair of ripped denim jeans with a plain tee for the day to day run around of the office, and then dress it up by simply adding a nice jacket or blazer for a night on the town.


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Words: Abigael Hansen