This Week's Wrap Up | From MBFF to the VMA's

Why is it that skimpy is the new ‘it look’? With the VMA’s being this past week, I’ve been left a bit gob smacked at just how much flesh some people are willing to show. Are the days where it wasn’t appropriate to show your nipples on a red carpet over? I get that hemlines have been on the rise and that necklines have been on the fall - But watching this years VMA’s, I was just left thinking, why? Who told you that outfit is a good idea? Call me old fashioned, but I still think a full length dress that covers both ones upper and lower privates is classy and beautiful. It was tough, but I have a top 3 best dressed - Jeremy Scott’s suit was just absolutely spectacular, Taylor Swift looked so chic in Ashish, and Demi Levato looked flawless in Nicolas Jebran.


Brisbane was treated to an influx of fashion, culture and luxury as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival took place this past week, with the festival taking up shop at the John Reid Pavilions for the first time. The new space was absolutely fantastic, it worked spectacularly for the runway shows, and it looked great! Siss on Bare’s new collection is just divine, with a focus on the woman’s figure, the line really creates shapes that translate onto the body. Young designer Suzii K showcased her new collection, which had some great moments, but over all wasn’t my cup of tea. Showcasing his debut eveningwear collection, Jack Sullivan absolutely was a highlight. With beautiful lace work and an incredible eye for detail, the designs were flawless.


Aren’t fashion shows, fashion weeks a funny thing. An entire week of sitting in rooms, watching models walk up and down a strip in the middle of seats for an eight minute runway show that has cost thousands of dollars to produce. Fashion Week can be stressful - You arrive at a show, pose for a few photos on a media wall, follow the masses of people into the space, fight front-row-crashers for your seat, and once you’ve got your seat remember to sit up straight at all times, cross your legs and don’t show any emotion on your face, because if you do someone will see it! But then the lights go dim, the music starts and the show begins. Fashion is a funny thing, I always used to think that clothes are just clothes, but fashion is art. Sitting in a fashion show is like observing an art show. You’re getting to see beautiful visions of art, that designers have spent hundreds of hours creating. Clothes are an expression of your personality, of who you are, they tell the world about you. Fashion tells a story, it’s much more than just models looking glamorous on a catwalk.


As we’ve just come into Spring - I’ll leave you with a style tip for the warmer months ahead. I’m obsessed with Levi ripped mini jeans, throw them on for a day at the beach, or dress them up with a pair of heels and nice blazer for the Monday to Friday grind.

As all good things come to an end, the time has come, this will be my final column here at Fashion Weekly - It’s been a fun project over the last 2 months and I have loved every second of it. Stay connected with me on Instagram and don’t forget to shop my looks on my online store in collaboration with Zindigo.

Big love to you all!
A xx

Words: Abigael Hansen