The world has freaked out over the launch of H&M X Balmain


It’s like a scene from a zombie horror movie; think people pushing and shoving like their lives depend on it. But instead of it happening in a post-apocalyptic world where survival of the fittest is essential, it’s occurring in H&M stores across the globe. Why? Because you need that H&M X Balmain Beaded Velvet Dress of course!

H&M X Balmain launched the hugely anticipated collection, fronted by It-Girls Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, yesterday in selected stores. Across the world people staked out the front of stores in anticipation, with shoppers even sleeping out the front. Talk about keen! 

Survivors of the crazy H&M X Balmain chaos documented their experience on social media, and we must admit that the footage is hilarious!

The exclusive H&M X Balmain collection is now reportedly sold out throughout the world, however according to Cosmopolitan, those lucky few who attained the limited edition pieces have surrendered their purchases on eBay for almost double their retail price. Completely selfless of course.

H&M X Balmain Chaos

H&M X Balmain Chaos

The chaos occurred soon after the announcement that H&M will be gracing Queen St Mall with its presence in the near future.