The Technology Woman

The question is what ever happened to going to the library and searching for hours for the perfect book. Or sharing or swapping books with your friends. The feeling of receiving a hard cover book and flicking through the fresh crisp pages feels priceless. Am I wrong?

Book clubs and book stores are subtly disappearing right in front of us, all because we can't wait but we must have everything right now. The internet and our advanced book reading devices allow that to be truly possible. The need that we once had has become a want and before we know it, we already have it.


Emails VS Writing a Letter:

This brings us to emailing. Why do we email? Simple, it's fast, efficient, and the response time can almost be immediate. Emails are perfect for businesses, long distance communication and even for confirmation.

But there is a lovely feeling about opening up the mail box and receiving a neatly handwritten letter that is enclosed by a beautiful envelope.

Of course keep up with prompt communication using emails but every once in a while send someone a hand written letter on designer stationary and brighten someone's day and warm their heart with your signature style hugs and kisses.

So what do we do now?

Slow down and take time to read an old fashioned dusty book or pick up a pen and write a kind letter. Sometimes it is more than the thought that counts; it is the time spent creating a lasting memory