The merging of fashion bloggers & e-commerce stores

Fashion influencers and bloggers are bridging the gap between style and apparel sales by launching their own e-commerce stores. 

Fashion influencers and bloggers are bridging the gap between style and apparel sales by launching their own e-commerce stores.

Fashion bloggers have been flaunting their elegant ensembles and flawless faces across our screens for several years now.

As arguably the most influential figures in the modern fashion scene, the items showcased on their outfit posts and Instagrams are certain to become the most coveted pieces of the week, instantly selling out online.

As a result, it was really only a matter of time before these stylish yet savvy superpowers demanded their share of the profit.

Just like reality star, Kylie Jenner, they came to the realisation that if the products (in Kylie's case lip liners and in theirs clothing) that they displayed were flying off the shelves in record speeds, why not get in on the action themselves?

We have seen a sudden surge of successful bloggers transforming their sites into e-commerce stores. Socialite, Nadia Bartel (Chronicles of Nadia) and super-blogger, Sara Donaldson (Harper and Harley) are set to launch their online stores in June and July, just to name a few.

These online stores will enable legions of loyal followers to 'shop their wardrobes' and buy items direct from their sites, without having to scrawl through pages upon pages of items in order to find the one they desire.

Donaldson has paired up will premiere brands including Ellery, Dion Lee, Toni Maticevski and J Brand Jeans while Bartel will feature labels such as Mara and Mine, Thurlet, Elizabeth and James and Viktoria + Woods.

We wonder, will this poses a threat for existing online boutiques who fail to boast such a familiar face?

How can they compete with these powerhouses? In our opinion, without innovative changes they won't be able to keep up.

These bloggers' thousands of dedicated followers are sure fire customers for the e-commerce sites and are guaranteed to keep coming back for more. Now bloggers are not only receiving income for their styling, modelling, writing and promotional endeavours, but from an entirely new avenue.

These clever content creators are revolutionising the world of fashion, continuing to surprise us, even in this incredibly advanced, digital age and we can promise that they won't be fading away, any time soon.

Words: Sophie Catsoulis

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