The lazy girl's guide to always looking chic

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You know her. She always has the best #ootd’s, her hair is never a strand out of place (yet when it is, it looks incredible), she has thousands of followers on Instagram, and whatever she wears, even if it’s denim shorts and a tee, she always looks on point.

The ability to look seamlessly put together at all times is every woman’s dream, right? What if we told you that you can obtain this same sense of chic-ness? The truth is, always looking on trend can be exhausting. At first it requires a lot of hard work, but once you have the basics down pat you’ll always look (and feel) incredible.

Here’s the lazy girl's guide to always looking chic.

Capsule closet

Yes, we know, we know; we’re always harping on about having a capsule wardrobe. We love them because whatever pieces you throw together in the morning are guaranteed to always go together. A monochromatic capsule wardrobe is usually best as this palette allows for you to easily incorporate pops of colour, patterns and trends effortlessly.

Plan your outfits

Does the chic woman ever look frazzled? No. Her secret is that she plans her outfits to ensure she always looks incredible. Before bed decide what you want to wear the next day. Ensure they are pressed and ready to go so you can have a breezy morning ( and even get those extra minutes of shut eye).

Pres, press and press again

TBH, we don’t know anyone who loves ironing their clothes. That’s why a clothes steamer has quickly become our wardrobe staple! It only takes a few seconds to steam out the creases in your outfits for a weeks’ worth of perfectly pressed pieces!

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Tame that mane

There is nothing chic about rocking a messy bed head. Take the time to learn how to master the frizz and to effortlessly style your hair to suit your look. While washing, blow drying and styling your hair does take a little bit of effort, thanks to dry shampoo becoming your new BFF, it’s only one day of hard work so you can relax for the next couple of days. If it’s just not working for you, do a Kendall Jenner and throw it up in a messy bun. We’ve learnt that anything that appears to be intentionally messy, even if unintentional, always looks great.


Develop an envious shoe-drobe

If there’s one thing we almost love more than life itself, it’s shoes. They basically are the icing on top of our outfits! Creating a vast collection of enviable, quality shoes will lift your chic game in seconds!

Never leave your shades at home

What is one thing that all chic women have in common? Yep, besides their impeccable appearance they are never caught out without an amazing pair of sunglasses. The great thing is that shades can hide a multitude of sins (especially those few extra glasses of red you had the night before), protect your eyes from UV rays and TBH, there’s just something about dark shades that is so elegant.


Don’t get caught up in the trends

We get it, style is an expression of who you are. Instead of getting caught up with the latest trends and turning your entire closet into a collection of fast fashion, start small and incorporate hints of the latest trends into your capsule wardrobe. Both your wardrobe and wallet till thank you!