The go-to Collection of the Season

The season favourite scarf print is teamed with vibrant red suits, complete with blazers and off-side orange accessories, creating the ultimate day wear glam vibe.


Relaxed office-to-evening creations are destined to be big this season as the work place blends with the bar. Print woollen shorts are making a return along side combinations of lady like lace, structured blazers, and silk blouses. Office-ready sophistication is channelled through a collection staple navy woollen skirt alongside quirky t's. A strong black and white theme is evident in a small collection of suits, including trousers and skirts. The collection is completed by luminously printed and structured floor-length gowns, creating a truly versatile and appropriate collection for the pressed for time woman.

The need for a cultured and adaptable go-to collection has never been greater. Modern women are forever on their toes and often a wardrobe change between appointments is simply not an option. True to form, Ho has come to the rescue with her Autumn/ Winter 2013 collection, creating beautifully wearable, chic and conveniently stylish pieces, just in the nick of time as the chill sets in!
Ladies, consider your bases covered!