The Flats VS High Heel Debate | Which Girl Are You?

We had a chat with two shoe rivals about which side they took on the great Flats VS Heel debate.

The Flats VS High Heel Debate | Which Girl Are You?

Flats OVER Heels Any Day

Honestly, a few years ago I would have said to you that there is a time and place for high heels, but now I think you can were flats anywhere you go. It's about investing in a shoe wardrobe that ranges in variety and serious style.

Up until recently, we were never really given the options that we have today when shopping for flats. Truth be told, skipping the heel choice is now actually a thing. And it's proof that even during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia a lot of fashion's front row were rocking their best flats forward.

Now, we can choose from metallic sandals, streamlined loafers, sneakers and edgy ballet flats without sacrificing style. Plus if we look long term, we have also saved time, energy and kept our composure together instead of looking awkward and clumsy in stilettos we can't walk in.

Fabulous flat's all the way!

Shelly, 31 NSW

The Flats VS High Heel Debate | Which Girl Are You?

High Heel Happiness

To abstain from heels is ridiculous. An outfit isn't complete without height boosting, killer heels. Sky high heels are the ultimate statement. They are the exclamation point to your outfit.

For me it actually feels like a sin to not wear heels. I have a strict rule that anything under five inches isn't high enough. But I know it works, because perception is important and I refuse to be looked down upon when I'm the one standing taller.

I'm a pro at running in heels and believe that those perfect soles give me confidence. The facts are there, it's slimming, lengthening and your walk is more poised. Do it properly and heads will turn - no doubt about it!

Angelina, 28 VIC

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