The First White Shirt to Actually Repel Stains | Is it Runway Ready?

On the bright side, a few brilliant minds have come together to create the world's first 100% cotton hydrophobic t-shirt.

Dubbed "The Cavalier", Threadsmiths have created the first 100% cotton T-Shirt which incorporates a lotus leaf inspired nanotechnology that completely repels dirt and liquids, leaving the surface of the fabric crisp, dry, and without stains.

Can you believe it?

The First White Shirt to Actually Repel Stains | Is it Runway Ready?

While other white t-shirts are stained and ruined by liquids such as coffee and wine, "The Cavalier's" hydrophobic properties cause liquids to bead-up and fall off the fabric - cleaning the fabric in the process.

Believe us, this is a first and yes we are aware that it's currently being sold as a basic white t-shirt, but this is a game changer.

The brand Threadsmiths hopes to expand the technology exhibited in The Cavalier to other articles of clothing and industries such a medical, hospitality and sports. But we also hope they expand it into everyday fashion, so that you and I no longer have to worry about expecting the unexpected when it comes to wearing white.

You can buy 'The Cavalier' at or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Check out the video below to see exactly why this technology needs to be runway ready.

Threadsmiths Hydrophobic T-Shirt from Threadsmiths on Vimeo.