The Essential Handbag Styles this Spring

Choose a colour you know you like to wear when choosing your new bag.

White is a very fashionable trend this season and if you are not comfortable rocking this stark colour, why not try a small flash of white by toting a white handbag? Worried you'll be forever cleaning it? They show scuffs quite easily, true, but to counter this choose a bag with a quilted fabric or a bit of texture which helps to mask any markings you may encounter and is quite easily cleaned when needed. White is not only elegant and sophisticated, it's simplistic and effortless, kicking your spring outfit up a notch.


Your handbag is also a great way to play with proportions. Big and bold was done last winter; it's time to adapt an elegant demure style that stops you from carrying your kitchen sink around with you. Box shaped clutches, small envelopes or masculine inspired portfolio handbags are a great lighter alternative. Opt for the square or rectangular shapes to incorporate shape and add a modern architectural feel to your outfit.

Texture is very popular this spring to make an element stand out, so dabble with different fabrics, and materials with your handbag. Try plastic, metals or leather and skins- just make sure you check how these were made and where it's sourced from.

So whether you want to kick your high fashion outfit up a notch, take your street style look to new levels or just in need of updating your wardrobe, don't over look the fashion accessories that are the finer details of your unique style.